Originally Aired 11.12.02
2.3 - CTU Go Boom

At 10:00 Kim is still freaking out, looking for Megan. Gary is getting patched up from the wound that Kim gave him with the crow bar. He tells the police that it is about time they got here and the policeman says that they "just got the call 5 minutes ago, sir." He asks Gary for a description of Kim and he gives him her name and tells him that she was working for his wife and himself.
Mason is in his car and he gets a call from Tony. Division wants Mason to check a vehicle match that the police department found and after some griping Mason agrees to go and check it out, since it is on his way to Bakersfield.
At his compound, Palmer gets the updated damage protection stats, which now have higher casualty figures. When Palmer questions this he is informed that they have pretty much ruled out everything other than a nuclear bomb for the attack.
Kim is still looking for Megan, comes out to the road and sees her entering a fenced in area with some guys that are older than her. Kim yells for her and darts across the road, almost getting hit by another group of cars. She runs over to them and the boys take off. When Kim gets to Megan she grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her, questioning where she went. Megan says that she was just looking for Kim and looks scared. Kim apologises and hugs Megan.
Jack is in the van with Eddie and his crew. Jack wants to know if they really think that they can bring down the whole building with three charges. Jack the asks why they chose CTU and Eddie asks why Jack is asking so many questions. Soon after Jack's phone rings and he answers it, but not before getting some strange looks from the others. It is Kim on the line calling from a pay phone. She informs Jack that Gary flipped out on her and she needs him to come and get her. Playing it cool and trying not to blow his cover, Jack just says that he can't do that. He tells her to go to Carols and for once to do what he says. She reminds Jack, with attitude, that Carol lives in San Jose but Jack promptly hangs up. Eddie questions Jack as to who was on the phone and he says it was his girlfriend, he asked her to get a package for him, but she never listens.
Kim calls Tony at CTU and tells him that Jack was acting all weird and practically hung up on her. Tony tells Kim that Jack is on a job and she says she just talked to him a few hours ago. Kim informs Tony that she has the cops after her and he tells her to try and find her way to CTU and he will help her figure everything out. Towards the end of the conversation the lines become really fuzzy and Paula figures that is must be coming from outside their system because no filters help it. Tony orders them to call the phone company and switch to 'wireless protocol'
Jack is asking questions of Eddie and the gang, trying to figure out what they are doing. Eddie informs Jack that they are causing interference on the phone lines so that the phone company will send a crew out. Eddie tells Jack to go and watch the road and he gladly does, taking the opportunity to get behind the van and call CTU. The operator is so fuzzy that Jack is forced to hang up and instead he calls the president via Northwest Regional. He gives his access code as 7117A and the operator puts him on hold, even after he says it is urgent and asks not to be put on hold. Lynn answers in the presidents office and Jack is told by her that the president is with the press. Jack tells her everything he knows and they confirm that this bomb is not the nuke but Wald's group is responsible for it. Jack is forced to hang up when he hears Eddie calling him and Eddie tells Jack they are all set.
Lynn goes to Eric and they come to the conclusion that Wald is doing this to divert their attention from the major strike. Eric doesn't want to inform CTU about the strike, arguing that Jack still hasn't been able to get to Wald and if they are caught now Jacks cover will be blown. Lynn wants to tell CTU about it, but Eric says that this is his call. Lynn says she doesn't work for him and goes to the phone, asking to speak to the president. Jenny on the other end informs her that he is with the press and Lynn assures her that this is urgent and she needs to speak with the President now.
The phone service van pulls up and one of the workers notices that the chain has been cut. Eddie and Jack and the others pull up and shoot one of the workers. Jack looks surprised and tries to contain himself as Eddie approaches the other worker and asks him if he wants to live. After getting over the shock of seeing his friend shot the worker answers that yes, in fact he does want to live. Eddie instructs him to call his boss and tell him he needs to do a systems check at CTU.
Tony receives a call from Eric asking him to copy and transfer their database onto their server, anything related to the nuclear bomb. Tony presses Eric as to why this needs to be done and Eric assures him it is just precautionary but he needs it by 11:00. Tony says the earliest he can have it done is at 12:00 but Eric says 11:00 and if it is that much of a problem, he should probably get started. When he hangs up the phone he asks Paula to carry out the order and she starts to say everything she will need to do it, but Tony just tells her to do it. Michelle and Tony decide to see if the other agencies have been asked to do the same thing, or if it is just them.
Mason shows up and meets the police department for the vehicle match. Mason is not pleased to be there and tells the police department that "I want to be here even less than you want me here." They enter the warehouse and the viewers see a man creeping around in the shadows. As the police and Mason check out the area Mason and a cop find a room that looks familiar. They open the door and just get time to see that there are dead people in there and there has been radioactive material present. The person that the viewers saw earlier starts shooting at Mason and the cop and in the crossfire, the glass containing the radioactive material gets broken. Mason is on the ground and sees what has happened. Another cop comes over and enquires as to if they are okay. Mason tells him that he needs to get out and quarantine the area. As he stands Mason is coughing and trying to cover his mouth.
Kim and Megan are on the bus and Megan asks Kim if her mom cries a lot. Kim informs Megan that she doesn't have a mom and Megan presses as to if she has a dad. Kim just smiles at the question and Megan asks if she makes him mad. Kim answers sometimes but it is different when her dad is mad. Megan says that when her dad is mad is it her fault, but Kim assures her that it is not her fault and that she will not let him hurt her again.
Eddie and the others are in the back of the van and they have arrived at CTU. The worker is driving with Eddies gun being pointed at him and Jack is sitting shotgun. One guard checks under the van while the other checks on the workers. He looks in the back and observes that there is a big crew, to which Eddie replies that this is a big job. The guards say they are okay and they are allowed to pass through. The worker asks who they are and what they want, reminding them that there is nothing to steal here. Eddie prompts Jack to answer the question of who they are, to which he answers that they are patriots. Jack looks away, not pleased with himself.
They are setting up for wedding and the phone rings, it is for Kate. Marie hands her the phone saying it is Ralph Burton, asking if this is a new boyfriend. Kate says maybe and asks for the phone. Ralph says that he has confirmed Reza's connections with a terrorist by the name of Syed Ali. Kate asks if Ralph is saying that Reza is a terrorist and he says that this is up to the authorities to decide. Until the Kate needs to keep to herself and not tell anyone what she knows. She must pretend that everything is normal or her and her family may be endangered. They hang up the phone and Marie and Reza come into the room and encourage Kate to come and meet his cousin, they were at Stanford together and may recognize each other. Kate resists and finally snaps at them saying no. She tries to find an empty room but runs into Reza’s cousin. Kate disappears down the hall with Marie hot on her heels. She wants to know what the matter is, saying that Kate has been acting strange all day. Kate says that she just wants her sister to be happy and Marie replies that she will be happy and that "this is going to be the best day of my life." They hug and Kate starts to cry, but knowing what we know it is probably safe to say that it is not out of happiness for her sister.
Lynn runs into Jenny, the press secretary for Palmer and Jenny assures her that she slipped Palmer a note but he didn't react.
Jack is left in the van looking at the plans of CTU. The worker is tied up in the van while Eddie and 2 others are having their toolboxes checked and are heading upstairs. Jack starts to write a note and we see Eddie branching off from the others, slipping into electrical rooms, Eddie walks right past Tony as he comes down from George's office. 10:36
Tony is talking to Mason on the phone. Mason is saying that he found a good lead and this is where they assembled the nuke. There was radioactive material there and upon hearing this Tony asks if anyone was exposed. George doesn't give Tony a straight answer, but continues to take off his clothes, as the people around him are in chemical suits. One of them keeps asking Mason for his phone and Tony is telling Mason that they have been asked to transfer their data and that they are the only agency that has been asked to do so. Mason tells him to call Chapelle and tell him exactly what Tony just told him and after Tony asks George if he is sure he is okay they hang up. Mason hands over his cell and is left standing there in his boxers. One of the workers tells Mason that they need all his clothes off and Mason jokes that he isn't even going to buy him dinner first? He complies and then gets hosed off with scrub brushes. He tells them that he likes his skin, so try and leave some of it on.
Michelle and Paula are in the washroom at CTU and Paula is asked if she is finished uploading the files. She responds that they are transmitting now. Paula is disturbed but assures Michelle that she is alright, Tony said that everything was probably going to be ok. She then says that she grew up in LA and all her friends and family are there, so if the nuclear bomb goes off does that mean they are all going to die? Michelle assures Paula that this will not happen, but she is obviously lying. Paula says she is really scared, but there is nothing she can do about it.
Eddie and his crew are putting the bombs in the walls of CTU, they were hidden under the lining of the tool boxes. They set 12 minutes on the fuse. Jack is still in the van and watches 2 people leave the building. He gets in the back of the van with the worker and gets out his knife. When he rips the tape off of his mouth he asks Jack if he is going to kill him too. Jack says not today and tells him to relax, he needs his help. He gives the worker the paper that he was working on and tells him to take it, go hide under an SUV until they are gone and then go and give the paper to Tony Almeida since he knows what is going on. He asks who Jack is and Jack explains quickly that he is an agent working undercover. The worker doesn't head out the door, instead he comes at Jack, asking why, if he was an agent, that he let them kill Danny, his partner. Jack grabs him and holds him up against the side of the van, telling him that he is sorry and he would have stopped it if he could, but all the lives in the building are at stake right now and they will kill him as well and there won't be anything Jack can do to stop them so he needs to get out of the van now. As soon as he does, Jack turns and sees Eddie and the others coming back. Jack stays in the back and inflicts a cut on himself with his knife in the back of the head. As Eddie approaches the van one of them asks where Jack is and they hurry around the back. Eddie pulls Jacks limp body out of the van and stands him up against the door. He slaps him and starts to ask him what happened. After another slap Jack starts to talk saying that the worker got him on the back of the head, he wasn't tied up. One of the guys gripes because Jack is trying to pin it on him and starts questioning Jack's loyalty. Jack tries to get at him, but Eddie reminds them that the building is set to blow and tells Jack to get in the front as he pushes the other into the back. As they drive out we see the reflection of Jack holding his head in the side view and the worker under the SUV. As Eddie drives the van out of the garage we see Jack again and as soon as they leave, Kim and Megan walk in saying to the security guard that they need to see Tony. Megan asks Kim where they are and Kim replies that they are safe there. 10:49
Eddie and crew and changing back to their normal clothes in the van and one of the crew member by the name of Chris is still fretting over what the actual phone service man might be doing
The President was supposed to call Lynn the minute he got out of the press conference and she is wondering what happened. Eric defends his position saying that he spared the president from a no-win situation and in any case, it is too late. Lynn thinks that it might not be too late and he practically threatens her by saying that she doesn't want him as an enemy. Palmer notices the confrontation and comes over asking what is going on. Lynn fills him in and Eric pipes up that they were just debating notifying CTU. Eric says that their only looses would be infrastructure and personnel, but Palmer is angry and says with heat that those losses would be unacceptable. When Palmer gives the order to call CTU, he asks Eric if he thinks he is making a mistake and Eric says yes, in fact he does.
Michelle approaches Tony and tells him that there is a guy that wants to see him and she makes a gesture towards the phone company worker. She shows Tony the information that Jack gave him and suggests that they look into them. As if something clicks in Tony’s mind he suddenly says that they need to evacuate the building, and now. His phone rings and it is Lynn from NSA to inform them of the threat. Tony rips into her for knowing 1/2 an hour ago and not telling them. We see Kim and Megan diverted out of the building and then we go to the van with Jack, all of them out around the back except Jack, who stays near his door, Eddie counts down 35 seconds. Tony sees Paula upstairs in Masons office and goes up to get her. She argues that she just needs to finish sending the encryption codes and Tony says no, grabs her and leads her out of the office, down the stairs and then the bomb goes off. At the van we see smoke billowing from the city and they all smile and exchange handshakes. Eddie approaches Jack and beams "We did it Jack" and Jack replies "Good job, Eddie, good job." In the building there are parts and people everywhere and Megan and Kim are trying to get out. Palmer is informed that they are too late, "CTU was just hit". We see Jack looking scared and Kim hugging Megan who is really upset at the carnage that she is witnessing.
George is told he is clean but the tests are back as to what the substance was. He inhaled plutonium and he starts to get technical but Mason cuts him off and asks him to cut to the chase. The doctor tells him that the radiation exposure was high and definitely lethal. Mason asks how much time he has and gets the vague answer of it could be as much as a week or as little as a day. "I'm sorry."

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
- Funny thing, in the reviews at the beginning of the show Eddie says CTU instead of 'Counter Terrorist Unit'. Eddie never actually called it CTU. But later on in the van Jack calls it CTU, if Eddie really hadn't called it by its abbreviation, that would have raised some eyebrows at Jack.
-What is up with Gary, he's even being a jerk to the medic that is patching him up. I thought he was going to try and take him on too because he was hurting him. What a baby.
-I love how Gary gives the cop a bad time and the cop tells Gary that they only got the call 5 minutes ago, 'sir'. That was the best 'sir' ever. He was just so resentful.
-It is obvious that Tony doesn't believe that Mason is following anything up in Bakersfield and as a matter of fact, neither do I. I think Mason just figured that where he was heading was far enough away.
-When Kim calls Jack to get his help, it must have killed Jack to not go and be able to help. We already know that Jack is an overprotective person but they did a really good job of writing him as keeping his cool in the situation but still strongly saying to get out of town
-That van that they are driving is reminds me a lot of Dan's van from last season. All the money these guys have to play with and they couldn't get a new van for the villains?
-I though Jack was going to blow his cover when they shot the other phone company worker.
-speaking of phone company, where did all the uniforms come from. Suddenly they all have them.
-so let me get this straight, Jack is gone undercover with these guys who are expected to blow up most of LA in the next 24 hours, Michelle has photos of them all except Joe and no one else in CTU has seen thee pictures? That must be the case since they can walk around in the building and not get looked at twice.
-When they were going through security, wouldn't it have been great if the agents there knew Jack? They pull up, the worker rolls down the window and they start to talk and then the agent says "Hey Jack, I didn't see you there, how are ya? I haven't seen you in about 18 months, I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. That would be enough for me to quit my job as an agent and go work for the phone company too. It's been great to see you again, Jack, go on in."
-I just had to roll my eyes when Reza and Marie were trying to convince Kate to come and meet his cousin, saying that she might recognize him from Stanford. My University is on the small side at 18,000 students and my faculty is one of the smallest, I have people in my year that I don't know. The odds of Kate knowing Reza’s cousin is so miniscule that it is ridiculous.
-I was quite impressed by the hiding spot for the bombs, but I am less than convinced that they would have got through with them
-The bombs going in the electrical rooms and seeing them going in there was a little bit of deja-vu from last season - why do the bad things seem to originate there
-I may have been wrong about Mason, although I still don't really know. The way he dodged Tony's questions about what was going on and if anyone was exposed to the chemicals was very brave and shows some moral fibre, but I still think that he may be in on it.
-The jokes that he cracks about dinner before he takes all his clothes off were quite funny, but were just weird coming from Mason...Who knew he had a sense of humour.
-In contrast, when he asked the doctor to cut to the chase about his condition I thought that was the perfect thing for Mason to say. He's just been written forward like that all the time, why change now? I also thought he took the news in a very Mason-esqe manner.
-I really didn't like it when Jack gave himself the cut on the back of his head. I couldn't imagine doing that to myself - ouch!
-So I am calling (with very little base for this at all except for my own wild imagination) that since the guys that planted the bomb had plans for CTU so they knew where they were going, they had to be fed these from the inside. Mason is the only worker at CTU that we know that was not in the explosion. He left in the last episode because he knew that the chances of the bomb going off in CTU were high. The stats he checked were on the probability of the nuclear bomb going off, but I think he tied these together, if they don't know who is going to set the nuke off, they don't know about the smaller, diversionary bomb either. He left because he knew that CTU was going to get blown up because he gave the information to Joseph Wald. That is totally out on a limb and probably completely incorrect, but it is fun to try and guess.
-I don't suspect Tony any more, I think he is definitely a good guy, and I also found myself saying as he pulled Paula out of the office "I don't want Tony to get blown up, I like Tony" which not only surprised me, but made me realize that he is probably not as bad a guy as I have been thinking he is.