Palmer is in his hideout and always seems to be getting more information.  Palmer says that he is just as concerned with the dangers of panic than the bomb and his people are looking into the leads on it.
   We flash to a large crate (most likely the bomb) being loaded into a truck at a warehouse that we saw last week.
   Gary is still on his cell and Kim and Megan are still on the floor.  Kim starts to get up to help Megan and Gary tells her to stay there and that Megan will be fine.  Gary looks away and Kim tries to silently coax Megan to come to her and Megan at first resists and then comes to Kim and they leave the room.  Downstairs they run into Carla who looks as though she has been roughed up and tells Kim to take Megan away from Gary.  Gary realizes that the 2 of them are gone and he gets off the phone and heads after them.  Megan and Kim get in the car and as they start to get away, Gary appears outside and tells Kim to stop the car.  He threatens to kill her and Kim leaves with Megan.  As they drive away, Gary calls to have his car tracked.
   Jack is in a chopper heading in to a car so he can re-join Joe.  He is told that there is a car waiting with a tracker in the trunk.  Michelle says that there are some surveillance photos of the group but none of Wald yet.  She goes through the pictures and asks Jack if he recognizes any of them.  He doesn't for the first few and then Jack identifies one of them as Joseph Wald's right hand man.  He tells her that they were friends when Jack was undercover, his name is Eddie.  Jack looks away, down on to LA.
   The press is getting anxious and Palmer needs to deal with it.  Eric doesn't think that this is a good idea, but Palmer says that he needs to give them something or else the rumour mill will start.
   Jack leaves the helicopter and  promptly calls Mason.  He wants to know if they picked up Kim yet.  Mason says that when the agent got to the house Kim wasn't there.  Now they are looking for her.  Mason tells Jack to relax and Jack tells Mason not to tell him to relax.  Mason reassures Jack and tells him to trust him and Jack says okay and thanks Mason.  After they hang up, Jack calls Kimís cell and leaves her a message telling her that there is someone coming to get her and that she needs to go with them.  He instructs her to call him when she gets any of these messages.
   Paula asks Tony if they should be working from outside LA, since the bomb is set to go off there.  Tony, quite casually, tells her to tune it out, you never know how good your intel is.  Mason shows up and they have found a lead on some forged passports.  Mason wants to send someone and asks who is there.  Michelle says that Grothie is there and George says to send him.  Tony pipes up that that is who they sent to get Kim but Mason says that he doesn't want to lose this window.  Tony seems frustrated and tells George that they just promised Jack they would take care of Kim.  Mason tells them to send "a gopher" to go and wait for Kim and send Grothie to get the passports since he is just idling there.  Tony is obviously not impressed.
   Jack pulls up to "Atlas Auto Wreckers" in his beat up car.  He gets out and walks in, carrying a bag.  He asks the kid behind the counter to see Joe and calls him "cowboy".  The kid says that Jack is in the wrong place and Jack, following him down the hall, tells him that he doesn't have a lot of time and to just tell Joe that "Jack is back in town"  Eddie shows up from behind some shelves and Jack greets him somewhat nervously.  Jack tells Eddie that he needs to see Joe, he needs to square things up with him.  Eddie replies that Joe would love to see Jack, the guy that put him in jail, dead.  Jack says that Eddie knows Jack didn't put Joe in jail but Eddie is casually unconvinced.  Jack takes a hit by one of the other guys in the back of the neck and Eddie tells them to get the back room ready.  Jack is frustrated and tells Eddie that he has something that he wants to show Joe.
Eddie says that Joe only wants to see Jack dead and Jack asks "What about Marshall Goran".  Jack is still holding his neck and says that he has a present for Joe, to square things up with him.  Eddie sends one of the guys to get the bag and when he comes back and opens it, he drops it on the floor.  The head of Marshall Goran partially rolls out and Eddie seems pleased.  He asks "What the hell?" and Jack just says "I don't think you gotta worry about Goran testifying anymore."  Eddie smiles and Jack chuckles, Eddie just says "Jack's back".
   Palmer is joking around with the press, obviously I hit in the jokes department, saying that he came in from fishing so early because caught his quota for the day, his own conservation policy is coming back to haunt him.  One of his staff members comes over as they walk away and says that Weiland might be putting it together.  Palmer doesn't understand how he could be, Palmer just found out less than an hour ago.  In any case, Palmer says that he has to get back.
   Kim is driving and Megan is holding her head.  They stop at construction and Megan complains.  Kim says that they will be at the police station soon, as a matter of fact, Kim cuts down an alley to get there faster.  Before they hit the end, Gary pulls up in his car and blocks the exit.  Kim starts to back up but realizes that there is a van behind her.  Gary approaches the car and Megan pleads for Kim to make him go away.  Gary asks where Kim thought she is going with his daughter and asks Megan to come to 'daddy'.  Kim locks the door and Gary, with the remote, unlocks it again. Kim tells Megan to get out of the car and they both do, Gary chasing.  The girls hide behind a nearby dumpster and Gary comes into the alley calling for Megan to come to 'daddy'. He tells her Kim is going to hurt her, but when there is no response, he becomes angered again and yells.
   Jack is with Eddie and a tech (named Dave) who is working asks who Jack is.  Eddie tells him that Jack used to work with them.  Jack informs him that he just did "a nickel" for Joe.  Dave presses Eddie about Jack and Eddie says that Jack knocked off Goran.  Dave wants to check Jacks records, he says he could do it in about 2 minutes.  Dave punches in Jack Roush and at CTU an alert goes off that they are accessing the information.  They have not got Jacks file together at CTU and Paula starts feeding the data in.  As Eddie and Dave wait they become more sceptical about what the truth really is.  Jack is visibly sweating it when they are not looking and Eddie confirms what Jack must have been thinking by saying if the records don't check out, he's not going to let Jack walk out of there.  Jack assures Eddie that the records will check out but nothing still comes up.  Eddie pulls out and cocks his gun, trying not to let Jack see, but he was watching and I'm pretty sure there is no way he couldn't have known.  Finally, Dave says there is a record match that is just took a little longer than he thought.  Jack pulls attitude and says that he told them it would check out as he walks out.  Eddie, now angry at Dave, says that he "almost made me shoot a friend" and follows Jack, asking about his 64 Mustang he used to have.
   Palmer wants to know if they are learning anything about the threat and Eric says that they haven't had enough time.  Palmer reminds him that this bomb is set to go off today and Eric urges Palmer to think about how he might react  if the bomb did go off.  One of Palmers people show up and says that Weiland is planning to go live at noon with the potential bomb threat and Palmer is managing the situation from a safe facility.  Palmer asks for her to set up an interview with him on the condition that no one knows about it.
   Dave is working on the fuses for the bomb and Jack happens upon him.  Dave tells Jack to leave and Jack replies he just wanted to bum a smoke.  Dave yells at Jack that he doesnít smoke and again tells him to get out.  Jack gives Dave his opinion and tells him he is packing the fuses too tight.  It looks as though there is going to be a fight when Eddie shows up and asks Jack if he is making friends.  Eddie tells Jack that he can't see Joe today because the have "this thing going on" but Eddie suggests that Jack try tomorrow around 4.  Jack agrees and Eddie and him exchange a handshake.
   Jack goes to leave and calls Mason from the car.  Jack tells Mason that they had better pick these guys up because they are definitely involved in something.  Mason is hesitant and thinks that if they pick them up now they won't be able to get to Wald in time.  Jack doesn't know so Mason tells him to try and find out whatís going on.  He hangs up the phone and watches a van pull up.  Jack punches the gas a couple of times and tries to start the car.  I think he flooded it, it doesn't start and this gives Jack an excuse to get out.  He pops the hood and watches the guys around the van.  Dave is watching Jack and when Jack notices he tries to look like he wasn't watching.  Jack moves around the front of the car and crouches down to get a better look.
   Mason is in his office and Paula tells him she has opened the socket in division he asked for.  He goes over to his computer and logs in to the information about the threat.  He finds at the bottom of the page the probability of detonation of the bomb to be 89-93%.  Mason looks stunned and looks blankly around his office finally picking up his glasses and gun and subtly leaving his office.  Tony asks Mason where he is going and Mason is heading to Bakersville.  Tony reminds Mason that there is already someone in Bakersfield and Mason says he is going to look into something.  Tony accuses Mason of trying to get out of the blast radius and at this Mason becomes angry.  He tells Tony to keep his mouth shut and do his job, leaving abruptly.
   Kim and Megan are hiding in another place and Gary drives up and then leaves.  Megan says she feels funny and Kim tells her she needs to make a call. Megan whines that she can't go so Kim asks her if she wants to stay.  Kim makes Megan promise to stay there and Megan agrees.  Kim keeps reiterating the promise as she piles boxes around Megan and tells her she'll be right back.
   Kate calls her contact  and says that she couldnít find anything on Reza.  The guy on the phone says that a passport would be best but Kate knows that he doesnít carry it around with him.  He suggests the check his briefcase or look in his car.  He needs the dates and counties Reza has entered in the last 6 months so he can check them with the terrorist. Kate goes out to Reza's car and gets in.  She starts to go through his things and she finds a planner in the glove box with a passport.  She starts to write down the dates and just as she finishes Reza appears around the corner of the house and Kate explains that she needed to move the car because more vans were coming.  Reza says she couldn't move the car without the key and she tells him she was looking for it.  He says he is going to run some errands and he'll park on the road when he gets back.
   Jack is trying to watch the guys in the van and not look suspicious.  Dave busts him again for looking with a silent glace and this time approaches Jack.  Dave asks Jack what he is still doing here and Jack tells him his car won't start.  Dave tells him to take a cab so Jack proceeds to yell at Eddie that Dave is a joke and he packed the fuses to tight, therefore whatever it is will not blow. Dave comes at Jack from behind and Jack knocks him down easily, proving to Eddie what he said.  Dave goes to land a solid kick on Jack and Jack grabs his foot before it lands and breaks Daveís ankle and walks away.  Dave says in disbelief that he broke his ankle and Eddie repeats it in frustration at Jack.  Jack replies that he shouldn't have been playing with adults then and looks quite pleased with himself.
   Kim is at a pay phone and calls 911.  She is put on hold and sees Gary's car.  Gary comes from the other way and says that the police are looking for Kim because she kidnapped his daughter.  He tries to explain things to Kim blaming the stuff he did on stress.  He says that he is not a bad person and is not going to hurt Megan.  Gary sympathises with Kim, telling her that her instincts were right to take Megan away from the situation but he tries to convince her that he needs to apologise. He asks her where Megan is and Kim doesn't answer.  She suggests that he go home to Carla and if it's ok with her, then Kim will bring Megan home.  Gary gets angry again and grabs Kim.  She knees him and takes off, getting to a fence in an alley and trying to climb it.  Gary pulls her off onto the hood of a car.  She finds a crowbar and hits Gary with it, he is slightly out off but grabs Kim against a car and asks where his daughter is.  She kicks him again and misses him with the crow bar.  He gets her to the ground again and she hits him one last time, hard enough that he goes down.
   Kate is back on the phone and gives the travel dates to the guy.  As she finishes the conversation her sister comes in and says she finally feels like everything is under control. She thanks her sister for everything.
  Palmer is meeting with Weiland the reporter and outright asks what he is going live with.  He replies that he thinks the alert has been raised and Palmer is not telling anyone.  Palmer denies this and wants to know where he heard that.  Weiland says he will not divulge his sources but he thinks he is right because he got an interview with Palmer about it.  Palmer offers to trade a future interview if he doesn't go with this story and Weiland says he'll think about it.  As he leaves Palmer picks up the phone and tells a security person named Armis that they need to go ahead and deal with this.  Armis and a colleague pick up Weiland as he is leaving and they take him away.
   Jack is still fixing his car and Eddie makes the observation that Jack hasn't changed much.  Jack asks what his point is and Eddie reminds Jack he has work to do and he is on a schedule.  Jack says he is looking for work and goes to get in the car again.  Jack tries to convince Eddie to pay him for his work but Eddie reminds Jack that he is out of a worker because of him.  His payment will be that Eddie won't tell Joe what Jack did.  Jack asks what the job is and Eddie just says he's gonna like it.
  Kim is back in the alley looking for Megan and finds the boxes have been disturbed and Megan is not there.  Kim has a little meltdown and almost gets hit by a car while looking for Megan.
   Eddie is on the phone as he drives the van.  Apparently they are right on schedule.  When Eddie hangs up the conversation between Jack and Eddie is as follows:
Jack "Where are we going?
Eddie "West LA"
J "What are we doing?"
E "Converting."
J "What do you mean a conversion?"
E "Well today were turning a government building into a cemetery"
Jack and Eddie both smile and Jack continues, "which building?"
E "This branch that's been dogin' us for years; they call it the LA Counter Terrorist Unit."
Jack looks slightly stunned and recovers quickly saying simply "Good." Putting his shades on he looks out his side window.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
- I really like the mini-plot review at the beginning of the show.  I assume this is for the rookies who don't know who is who and also for those of us, like myself, who found themselves saying 'who is that?' during last episode.
-The introduction to the show simply sounds wrong without 'on the day of the California Presidential Primary'  It just is so open to say "The following takes place between 9 am and 10 am"... those of us who watched last year are thinking AND?!?! I think they should add something like "on any old day" just to fill the gap.
-It was a nice touch having Jack flying over LA in the chopper, we got to see just what might get blown up.
-So does Jack actually trust Mason now?  Or is he just not going to argue with him anymore?  When Jack gets off the chopper and phones Mason to find out about Kim, Mason tells Jack to trust him and Jack just thanks him. 
-I can't believe Mason would allow the guy that Jack specifically asked for to pick Kim up to leave without her and send 'a gopher' over to wait for her.  An hour ago Jack was about to walk out on the mission to protect his daughter and that was one of the conditions of his staying. 
-At least Tony doesn't like what is happening and I am glad to see when he disagrees with the person in power he always gives his opinion, not just with Jack last season.
-So Mason tells Jack Grothie is looking for Kim, but then Mason tells Tony that he is idling over there.  Thatís 2 times heís betrayed Jack in this episode already.
-I think that Gary trying to convince Megan that Kim will hurt her is the funniest thing ever.  Yeah, okay, I just beat the crap out of your mom, shoved Kim (who is brand new at the job) and got your head smacked into a bed frame but yes, Megan, Kim is going to hurt you.  Wrong answer.
-Kim just attracts violent people
-When Gary corners Kim and Megan in the alley and they are in the car I totally thought Gary had a gun, as it turned out it was just the remote entry for the car, but under the circumstances that was almost as scary
-Wow, the guys that parked behind Kim in that alley are like Speedy Gonzalez or something.  She drives through and they're not there, about 5 seconds later Bang! there they are.
-I think even Jack didn't like carrying the head around, he put it down the first chance he got, but I don't think that is something you want to leave in the open on a front counter.  We are in LA after all, I'm surprised it didn't get stolen.  That would have been a good plat twist, huh?  Guy comes back and says "there's no bag out there", Jack gets dead real fast.
-I love how Jack calls the kid at the counter "cowboy," cute Jack
-I don't know how long it takes to cut off someoneís head, but I would assume it would take longer than that.  Since the end of last episode, Jack had time to finish shaving, get dressed, find a hacksaw, cut off Gorans head, get the mess in the bag, get on the chopper and be most of the way there.  All that in like 3 minutes.  Pretty good. 
-So what did they do with Gorans body, just leave it in the conference room?  Mason said he wasn't cleaning up Jacks messes...
-Eddie is such a good gangster name
-I was really shocked that CTU didn't have their crap together for Jack.  Paula wasn't expecting them to get in that fast is still no excuse.  This is Jack's life they're toying with here.  I am now glad Paula stayed, but I still don't like her
-I am giving my opinion for Mason leaving - I see it as quite simple - He is in on the bomb (if they are going to get inside CTU they are going to need help) and Mason checked to see how high the chances were of it going off, he is going either away from the city because he doesnít want to die or he's going to help the bombers.  He may expose Jack's identity.
-It was good to see Mason get pissed at Tony even though I think Tony has a right to question what he was doing.
-Eddie is wonderfully impatient with Dave when he's checking up on Jack and then the answer after "you almost made me shoot a friend" was just perfect. 
-So how did Jack manage to get A '64 Mustang before and that piece of crap this time.  I guess itís the rush factor.
-The reporter, Weiland, must be getting fed information from the inside and I'll bet dollars to donuts that it is Eric that is telling him.  We have another Sherry Palmer situation, folks, only I think Eric is easier to get rid of.
-I love the handshake that Eddie and Jack share when Jack goes to leave.  It's like a frat boys secret handshake or something.  It's great.
-This Reza/Kate story better go somewhere real  quick because right now it is  boring.  As far as I am concerned right now it is just fodder and junk in the way of what is happening to Jack, Kim and at CTU.  If this keeps up I'm going to start fast-forwarding through it to the real stuff.  Then when it actually becomes a plot, I'll go and watch it.
-Two comments on them though 1)that was a pretty lame excuse on Kateís part.  If I had that car there is no way I would even think about leaving a key in it.  You'd have to be pretty stupid or really rich ...Again we are in LA. and 2) How is that car not a standard.  What a waste.
-I was really quite impressed with Kim's crowbar ability when she beats the crap out of Gary.  Again we get to see 'kick ass Kim' (that would be a good name for an action figure.)
-Weiland the reporter was really quite forward to Palmer and verging on rude.  I like how Palmer had him taken away.  Nice touch.
-Jack really seems to enjoy being the criminal.  It's good to know that if he ever left CTU permanently he could probably do just fine as a criminal.  He seems to fit in better with them then with the guys at CTU anyway. 
-I just loved the conversation in the van with Eddie and Jack.  It was perfectly written and for the first time in a while I was left sitting there staring at the screen after the 10:00 came and went.  This could have some serious ramifications.


Originally Aired 11.5.02
2.2 - Jack Roush