Written By Virgil Williams
Directed By Stephen Hopkins


Originally Aired 1.22.02
1.09 - Reasons


David Palmer is coming down the elevator. Agent Aaron Pierce orders David to stay put until he secures the area. Pierce goes out looking around.

Teri and Kim are brought back to their room. Teri is crying and Kim comforts her. Eli watches them.

Pierce clears the area and then gives the okay for the Palmer's to go out into the limo. They are rushed out and into the car. With wheels spinning they leave the power plant.

Flanked by Secret Service Jack is led into a large room with controls for the power plant. Frank Simes introduces himself and right away Jack, who has been handcuffed to a pole, asks Frank to listen to him. "I did this intentionally." Frank says sarcastically that he believes that. Jack says that's not what he meant. Frank holds up Jack's gun and says that he called him at 6:30 this morning to get permission to bring a weapon in. Jack says that's right, if he wanted to shoot Palmer he could have used his own gun, he didn't need the agents'. Frank asks the agent what happened and he explains that Jack went for his gun. Jack argues that he had to get Palmer out of the room. Frank asks incredulously why he just didn't tell them to get Palmer out. Jack lies that he can't say; he is under a restricted mandate. Frank doesn't believe Jack and tells him to cut the crap. He tells Jack that Tony Almeida called from his own office and turned him in. Jack says that they are running out of time and Palmer's life is still in danger. There is a shooter disguised as a photographer on the loose. Jack says that he has to get out of there as Frank gets on the phone and asks for information on the photographers in the breakfast. The other agent, Hayes, brings a chair over and instructs Jack to sit. Jack complies and shaking, runs his hands through his hair.

Tony warns Jamey that her only chance is talking to them now. Jamey doesn't respond and Tony asks what his name is. Jamey says that his name is Gaines but she doesn't know if it's his real name. They ask if Jamey has any idea where they are holding Teri and Kim. Jamey doesn't answer and Nina grabs her and orders her to stay with them. Jamey admits that she got money from Gaines but she didn't think anyone was going to die. Nina reminds her that they did and wants to know if Gaines is the one that is watching them through their own security. Jamey nods yes and Nina clarifies that she set that up. Jamey nods again and Tony in the background looks like he doesn't believe this. Nina wants to get out into CTU so she can work up the name Gaines but she can't because she will be seen Jamey says helpfully that she knows what to say to him.

At Gaines compound all of his monitors go to black. He lost all of his connections. The phone rings and Jamey is calling. Gaines wants to know why she's using a phone. She assures him it's clear and explains that she had to pull the plug on the surveillance because the new tech Milo Pressman was close to discovering the taps. Gaines angrily snaps that Jamey said she would take care of this for him and Jamey says she did. She was just trying to protect him. As Jamey talks Nina gets changed behind them. She surveys the bruises that the bullets left through the flack jacket. She puts on a different shirt. Jamey informs Gaines that they are taking Jack to Division and Gaines says that if he can't get what he needs from Jack he will move on. Jamey tells him not to do anything yet. She promises to call him back. Once she hangs up she tells Tony and Nina that Gaines is not waiting around much longer. On the way out of the room Nina says she is going to go work up the name Gaines.

When Nina gets into CTU Milo stops her and wants to know if she knows about what's going on with Palmer. He is watching it on TV. He tells Nina he's not doing anything, just waiting for the key card. Nina directs him to take on all of Jamey's projects. The key card is no longer a priority. With little hesitation Milo says that if he's going to be taking on her work he wants a bump in pay. Nina snaps at him to just do it and he will be taken care of.

David and Sherry are in the limo. David gets off the phone and Sherry asks what they said. David tells her that they have someone in custody. Sherry questions why David didn't just listen to them before. He warns her not to overreact and asks if she remembers a previous time when he was pulled out and it turned out to be nothing.

Jack is up off his chair yelling at Frank about the assassin that is still out there. He begs that Frank has to let him get in touch with his people. Alan comes over and tries to shove Jack back down into his chair telling him to sit down. In turn Jack shoves Alan and tells him to back off. Frank comes over and tells Jack that they are going to turn him over to the FBI. Jack looks uncomfortable and with a glance at Alan asks if they can talk off the record. Frank stubbornly says no, they can talk on the record. He does nod for Alan to go and then turns back to Jack. He tells Jack that he knows he's a good agent so he wants to know what's going on. Jack says quietly that if he ever repeats what he is about to tell him he will deny it. Jack admits that his wife and daughter are being held hostage and if he doesn't get himself out of this situation they will be killed. Frank wants to know who has them. Jack says the same people that want Palmer dead. He explains that they used him to smuggle a weapon into the breakfast but he got Palmer out of the room, "I saved his life." He pleads that Frank believe him and says that his family is gone. He challenges him to send a cruiser over to his house, they have been taken. Jack says he can be a conduit to these people and bring them down. Frank seems to care but is going to turn Jack over to Division for debrief. Maybe they can help him get out of this. Frank leaves and Jack says quietly "They won't." He leans his head on the pole.

Alan and 2 other agents appear to take Jack down. As he is led out Frank says he's sorry. Jack answers, "You will be if Palmer dies." The 3 of them lead Jack down through the bowels of the power plant with his hands cuffed behind his back. A worker tells them to stop for a second while he moves a lever that controls steam. The group has to go single file through part of plant and Jack is thinking. Suddenly he sees a lever and knocks it with his elbow setting off steam at the agents behind him. Jack opens as many levers as he hand find. Alan manages to grab Jack and knock him down but Jack kicks him and then slides the cuffs over his feet so he can use his hands. Jack gets a hold of a gun and continues through the plant opening valves as he passes. He waves the gun at a worker and tells him to get down. One of the agents behind is heard yelling not to fire, they don't need an explosion in there. Jack gets outside and runs across the yard with the agents not far behind. The agents call Jack's name as he runs toward the fence. He climbs some flats stacked next to the gate and with one look behind him Jack jumps the tall fence and tumbles down a large hill, rolling and falling through the grass. Jack lands at street level and gets up. Holding his shoulder and limping he staggers out into the middle of the street. A station wagon screeches to a halt and Jack raises his gun at the female driver. He comes around the passenger side of the vehicle and gets in. She pleads with Jack not to hurt her and with his gun pointed at her he yells for her to drive the car. He shoves his foot down onto the gas pedal and yells "Drive!"
The driver of the station wagon gets out a can of pepper spray and tries to spray Jack with it. He yells and stops her and then tells her to drive the car. He tells her to go left in a driveway ahead and she follows his instructions. He directs her down another driveway but it's blocked off. Jack tells her to back up and then tells her to go the other way. A truck of construction workers come out of a site that they are in front of and they let the truck pass. They drive slowly by and Jack points her through the gates and next to the office. She parks and Jack tells her to calm down. He explains he wants to make 1 phone call and the he will let her go. Jack gets out of the car and tells her to do the same. She doesn't move and Jack appears around her side telling her again go get out of the car. They go up the stairs and she tries the door but it's locked. Jack uses his elbow to break the glass and open the door from the other side.

Tony is questioning Jamey on how she could do this. She betrayed her country and was responsible for the deaths of her coworkers. Jamey says she didn't know that was going to happen. Tony asks, full of contempt, she was just tapping on the keyboard, right? He wants to know how much it cost, one million, two million. Jamey says sheepishly 300 thousand. Tony looks unimpressed and admits that he could use 300 thousand dollars, everybody could. Jamey tells Tony that her husband left her with her son, she had to do something. She snaps that she works twice as hard as everybody and gets paid half as much. He doesn't know what kind of pressure she's under. Nina returns and asks if he got anything. Tony just has been given excuses. Nina tells Jamey to call Gaines but Jamey says no. She is not going to do anything until she gets immunity in writing signed by Chapelle.

Nina's phone rings and it is Jack on the other end. Jack is in a panic about shooting her. He apologises and says it's the only thing he could think of. Nina is okay with it and asks about Teri and Kim. Jack informs her about them being held hostage and tells her that Secret Service had him in custody but he got away. Nina tells Jack that they found their inside person: it's Jamey. Jack immediately objects and says that Walsh cleared her. Nina says that she already confessed. Stunned, Jack sits in a nearby chair. Quietly he concludes that she had access to everything. He asks if she has said anything about Teri and Kim and Nina tells him that she's not cooperating. Jack wants to know what she means. Nina tells him that Jamey wants a letter of immunity signed by Chapelle before she says anything else. Jack wants to talk to her. Nina holds the phone out of Jamey to take but she is defiant. Tony, with his gun out, grabs the phone and holds it up to Jamey's ear. He says from behind "she's listening." Jack starts kindly by saying that he knows that Tony and Nina don't understand what she's going through but he can help her. She knows him and that he doesn't care about protocol and if she helps him bring down Gaines he will help her get out of this. Only the four of them know and he can take care of Nina and Tony. Jamey doesn't budge, she wants immunity first. Jack looks devastated. Nina takes the phone and asks what Jack wants her to do. Jack dangerously says that Jamey has a son named Kyle. Bring him in. Nina argues that he can't do that and this gets Jamey's attention. Jack also wants a car, a box of 9mm ammunition and a locksmith kit. Jack tells Nina that he's going to try to get himself out of this situation and go find Teri and Kim. He wants to car at the corner of Temple and Mercer.

The waitress with Jack asks what's going on. Jack explains that someone has kidnapped his family and Lauren doesn't understand why he is running from the police. Jack, observing her name on her uniform, asks if her name is Lauren. She sheepishly covers her name and Jack introduces himself. He tells her he works for a special branch of the government and last night he was given a very important assignment and right now someone is trying to stop him from doing it. Lauren just looks and Jack, looking out the window, he says, "You don't believe me. I wouldn't believe me either." Lauren wants to know what Jack needs her for. Jack tells her kindly that he has to let them believe that he is willing to do something really crazy. Slightly panicked Lauren asks, "Like shoot me?" Jack assures her he is not going to shoot her. While Jack looks out the window Lauren gets up and says she thinks she believes him. Puzzled, Jack asks what she's doing. Lauren informs Jack that she just came off 'a hellacious' night shift, she's due in court in 45 minutes on a DUI of which she's guilty so she wishes Jack luck with his problem and heads for the door. Jack raises his gun and cocks it and Lauren throws her hands in the air. He tells her "Lauren, I have killed 2 people since midnight, I have not slept for over 24 hours so maybe, maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are right now." He tells her to sit.
Palmer is back his campaign headquarters. One of the staff members of the staff asks what happened, they heard that there was someone with a gun. Palmer cautions them not to jump to any conclusions. Palmer tells his staff that he's 'alive and grouchy as ever so let's get back to work.' Sherry wants to know where Keith went and one of the staffers informs her that they don't know where he went. He stormed out a while ago. Sherry wants to send someone after her son but David assures her that he just needs some time. Sherry examines David and David says that he will call Secret Service. Maureen Kingsley's story comes up and David says that she is going to break the story in 45 minutes and there's nothing they can do. David says she won't budge and asks why would she. David says that it doesn't matter who breaks the story first. Sherry has seen David do the impossible for his career; she is only asking that he do the same for his son. David concludes that she's asking him to rewrite history. If she wanted his help she would have asked for it 7 years ago. Exacerbated, Sherry says 'For crying out loud, David…' David leaves Sherry alone.

Jack calls CTU and gets Tony. Tony tells Jack that Nina is on the floor and Kyle isn't there yet. They have nothing from Jamey. Jack takes the opportune moment and admits to Tony that he knows it was him who told Secret Service to take him out of play. Tony owns up to it and Jack tells him that he made the right choice. Tony apologizes about giving Jack a hard time earlier and Jack says that he's sorry he didn't know earlier who he could trust. Jack says that he's just glad that Tony was there when Nina arrived back at CTU.

Jack hangs up and turns back to Lauren. After looking out the window he calls her over and points down into the construction yard. He asks her if she sees the tool down there, it looks like a hedge trimmer. Lauren asks smartly 'The bolt cutters?' Jack looks at her and says dryly "Yes, the bolt cutters." He asks her to go and get them for him. Before she goes out the door Jack says her that he will be watching as he notions toward his gun. Nonchalantly Lauren goes out into the yard, picks up the bolt cutters and returns to Jack. He is waiting on the other side of the door and quickly sets up ready for her to cut the handcuffs for him. He urges her to give it all she's got and she smugly says that she knows how to use bolt cutters. Lauren lines up the cutters and snips the handcuffs, Jack has free use of his hands again. He tells her good and stretches his arms enjoying the freedom.

Mike Novick enters the kitchen of the suite that the Palmer's are staying in. David is in there and Mike tells him that he just talked to Frank Simes from Secret Service. Mike watches David and asks what he's doing. David, pouring straight alcohol into a glass says that he's having a drink. Mike reminds David of the time but he doesn't seem to care. Mike lets David know that the name of the agent that caused the disturbance at the breakfast was named Jack Bauer and he tried to take the gun of a Secret Service agent but claimed the gesture was misinterpreted. He was in custody but he escaped. David asks how he did that but Mike doesn't know. He is still out there. David is slightly bewildered and repeats Jack's name a few times. Mike asks if David knows him and David has heard the name.

Kim is cleaning up in the barn when Eli one of the thugs comes in. He heads towards Kim, eyeing her, and Teri stands in between them. Eli tells Kim to get up and Teri wants to know what he's doing. Eli assures Teri that he's not going to hurt her and tells Kim to get up and go in the other room. Teri tries to intervene and Eli threatens that he will hurt her if Teri doesn't stay out of this. He tosses Teri to the ground and Kim manages to get away. Teri, with a strange look in her eye, tells Eli that she won't fight him. Kim has found a piece of wood to use as a weapon and looks around it at her mother. Teri tells her that everything will be alright. After a minute Eli says fine and pointing his gun at Kim leads Teri out of the room. He shuts the door and Kim follows as far as the door until she hears noises from the other room. She backs away still holding the piece of wood like a baseball bat and sits on a stack of hay.
One of the staffers comes in and tells Sherry that Maureen Kingsley is on the phone. Sherry answers and thanks Maureen for getting back to her. Maureen is getting makeup done and tells Sherry that she's about to go on the air. Sherry wants Maureen not to go with the story and to leave it alone. Maureen tells the lady doing her hair to give her a minute. Maureen turns her attention back to Sherry and tells her that the story about her son is exclusive and it is documented. Sherry bargains that there was an assassination attempt this morning on her husband but it's being covered up. The man the arrested works for the government and he may not have been working alone. Maureen wants to know if Sherry is suggesting that there's a conspiracy in the government to kill David. Sherry doesn't agree but says that something is going on and if Maureen gives her a couple of hours Sherry can milk her sources. Sherry is not asking Maureen to kill the story on Keith but just to hold off on it for a couple of days.

Eli opens the door to the barn and Teri comes back in and hugs Kim. Kim is near tears and says that this is all her fault and if she hadn't snuck out none of this would have ever happened. Teri sits Kim down and tells her that they are going to get through this and they're going to be a family again, "You and me and dad are going to have our lives back and this is not going to be a part of it." Teri asks Kim if she understands. Kim asks amazed if Teri is not going to tell Jack but Teri is too busy pulling a cell phone out of one of her pockets. Kim is amazed and wants to know where the phone came from while Teri has dialled CTU and gets Nina. All Teri can get out is her name before the door opens again and another thug comes in. Teri quickly hangs the phone up and tries to hide it. Nina is left trying to find out the number the call came from but finds it blocked. Teri goes over to Kim on the thug's instruction and as she puts her jacket on Kim hugs her and then moves the cell phone out of sight on Teri's waist. They wait together for the thug to leave.

David is talking on the phone and Keith enters. David quickly hangs up and enquires as to the whereabouts of his son for the last while. Keith says coldly that he was out. He asks if everything is okay. David is fine and Keith smiles. Keith observes that David didn't tell the press. David says that it has to come out sometime and it will be soon. David has talked to his lawyer and he has his best people working on it. He thinks that Keith can get the cleaned up and get on with his life without this hanging over him. Keith is cynical that things will work out in his favour. Mike comes and asks if David is ready to go. David is informed that Kingsley is, as a matter of fact, not going to do the story now. David wants to know why but Mike doesn't know. He speculates that David got through to her. He says quietly that it wasn't that. Sherry appears and David tells her about Maureen and asks if she knows why. Sherry thinks that maybe her sources weren't as solid as she said they were. David wants to talk to Maureen but Sherry tries to talk him out of it asking if it's not just smarter to let things be. David thinks it's smarter to know everyone's motives.

Jack cleans up at the water cooler and a hand towel. When he's finished he asks Lauren where she works. Lauren tells him she works at Cables Coffee Shop, home of the $3.99 all day breakfast. Jack asks if she's married and Lauren says she used to be but her sister moved in with them after she had a car accident and Henry told her she had to choose. Jack concludes kindly that she chose the sister. He asks if this is her first DUI and she tells him that it's her first in a couple of years. Helpfully he wants to know if it's a problem. Lauren smiles and says that if it were that simple at least she'd have a support group. What she has is bad luck. Jack apologises for getting Lauren into this and she asks him to just let her go. Jack leans his head back on the wall and says as soon as he gets his car. Jack sleepily starts to ramble as he closes his eyes. He says 'I used to be in the military, I used to do fieldwork for the CIA. I've been to some horrible places and seen some horrible things. I don't think I've ever been this scared in my whole life.' Lauren watches as Jack's head falls to the side and he appears to have passed out. Quietly she moves to get up from the couch but before she can get to her feet Jack jolts awake and looks startled. Lauren tries to appear calm. Jack wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, gets up and walks to the window.
Jamey remains steady that she will not say anything until she gets Agency Council. Tony lets Jamey know of their plans to bring Kyle, her son, into CTU. Jamey threatens to kill them of they touch her son. Nina promises not to lay a finger on him but if she doesn't give them something they don't have a choice but to bring him in. Tony grimly speculates the effect it will have on him seeing his mother in restraints arrested for being a traitor. It's a picture he's going to carry with him the rest of his life. Jamey pleads with Nina that she can't let Kyle see her like this and Tony continues that the bottom line is the best thing she can do for her son is to tell them what she knows. Once they have Jamey in custody Gaines is going to do everything he can to stop her from testifying and if he can't get to her where does she think Gaines is going to go. Jamey realizes the danger and starts to sob, Tony looks at the ground. Jamey says she's just confused and she needs some time to think. Nina allows her to take a couple of minutes and Nina and Tony leave the room.

Jack opens the blinds in the trailer and the cops pull up outside. They start looking around like they know Jack is there somewhere and Jack turns to Lauren. He says that he needs his car but if he sets foot outside the trailer they are going to take him back into custody. Lauren asks if he wants her to get the car for him. Jack explains that the person who dropped it off didn't know it was for Jack, they were just following orders. Lauren peeks outside and asks Jack if he realizes how insane this is. Jack does. Lauren questions Jack and says for the sake of argument lets assume that she believes half of his story; she wants to know if Jack's wife and daughter are really in trouble. Jack solemnly admits that they are. Lauren sighs and asks where the car is. Jack directs her to the corner of Temple and Mercer and tells her that it will have government plates and the keys will be inside. Lauren leaves out the door and goes down the stairs. She makes her way away from the agents but then stops. Jack is watching through the blinds and Lauren looks back at him and then changes directions heading right for the police. Jack sees what's happening and as she gets to them Jack swears and takes off out the side window after he pulls down the blinds. Jack lands on the scaffold just as the police arrive in the trailer. Jack jumps down and starts to run down a driveway out toward the road. When he gets to the street Jack attempts to hide his gun behind his back and j-walks to his car. Jumping in he gets the keys and drives away.

Nina wants to know what Milo has. Tony appears to be stressed out in the background and Nina tells Milo to cross-reference the name Gaines with everything else they have today. Tony quietly tells Nina that Jamey has had enough time to think about it. Nina lets Milo know that Jamey's son Kyle will be coming and he is to call them in ITS when he gets there. Milo wants to know what's going on and what kind of trouble Jamey is in. They lie that there is no trouble but he doesn't believe them. He continues to pester until Tony tells him forcefully that he's not an Internal Affairs Agent so keep quiet and when Kyle gets there he is to page them. Tony and Nina leave Milo and Nina is worried that he's going to figure it out.

Tony buzzes them into ITS and they find Jamey still in her chair and handcuffed to the desk with her wrist bleeding badly and a smashed coffee cup in front of her. They both rush to her side and Nina tells Tony to get her out of the cuffs. He does and they get Jamey on the ground. Tony grabs a towel and Nina calls for help. While Tony tries to stop the bleeding the phone rings and Milo says that Kyle is there and asks if they want him to bring him there. Nina emphatically says no and Tony encourages Jamey quietly. Nina looks for a pulse.

In the split screen we see Jack driving, Teri and Kim and David.

Gaines makes a call from his compound and Jamey's PDA rings on the table. Tony says to Nina that it's Gaines.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-In my opinion this is one of the best episodes of 24 ever.
-The whole exchange between Jack and Simes was so funny but dramatic. Wonderful
-LOTW contender: "I did this intentionally!"
-This is definitely a big handcuff episode. Between Jamey and Jack they are really prominent.
-Jack is so shaken from his entire ordeal with Belkin you can tell that he's trying to pull himself back together.
-Why does Gaines care if Jamey's using the phone? She talked to him on it already last episode.
-Those are some nasty bruises on Nina from Jack shooting her. Did he really have to do it that many times?
-Tony's reactions to everything are just great. From when Jamey is confessing that she set up the surveillance to Milo nosing in he just grabs the attention even without saying anything.
-Milo is just hilarious. He gets a bump in work and gets to do more stuff but his first thought is pay? I wonder how old he's supposed to be?
-The gunny thing about Jamey telling Gaines that Jack has been breaking protocol since Gaines got to him is that Jack actually followed protocol more with Gaines then he had before. He even posted himself out when he went to the breakfast; usually he just takes off and doesn't tell anyone. Obviously Gaines doesn't know Jack all that well.
-I'm wondering if the previous time Palmer was pulled out of a press appearance the threat was as serious as this one.
-Jack has such a temper. It would have been interesting to see him take on Alan, the secret service agent.
-Perfect delivery on "… they will be killed" from Jack. It pains him just to say it.
-For some reason I don't really buy the "I saved his life" argument because it was Jack's fault that his life was in danger as Jack brought the weapon into the breakfast. Granted, as Gaines said before they will get Palmer anyway if it wasn't Jack helping but it just feels weird to claim saving Palmer's life when he was the reason it was in danger.
-"You will be if Palmer dies." Sounded like a serious threat from Jack.
-Jack is a serious escape artist. Good thinking by Jack and bad planning by the agents. Who lets Jack go first?
-That was a pretty substantial fall that Jack had. It's surprising that he got away as unscathed as he did.
-Who knew there were two ways to back up? Thos of us that thought there were 2 directions, forwards and backwards were woefully wrong. Words you probably will never hear again "NO! Back up the other way!"
-Tony's disgust at Jamey's decisions is perfect.
-Hmm, maybe the reason Jamey works harder than the others and doesn't get paid as much is because she's not an agent? She hasn't had the training and doesn't do the same kind of work that Nina and Tony do. No sympathy here.
-So the real question here is why did Walsh trust Jamey so much? How did he know for sure that she wasn't dirty? Obviously he was wrong but how did this happen?
-2 things we learn about Jack in this episode. (1) He's ruthless. He has no qualms about bringing Jamey's son in and (2) he's a good interrogator. The way he talks to Jamey and tries to get her on his side is great. It's just too bad it didn't work.
-Lauren's innocence is so funny. She sees things the easy way where Jack tends to be a little more complicated.
-The lighting and the way the scenes in the trailer were shot are just wonderful. It's been very rare to see Jack out in the sunlight and when his pupils get really small the colour of his eyes just jumps right out.
-LOTW Contender: Lauren, I have killed 2 people since midnight, I have not slept for over 24 hours so maybe, maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are right now - Jack Bauer.
-It's funny to hear David identify himself as 'grouchy'. Also, earlier he says that his staff got tired of him yelling at them. We see he has a temper but he doesn't seem to be that grouchy per se.
-It was nice to see Tony apologise for being a jackass earlier. Granted, Jack deserved it but still…
-Jack has only been in cuffs for just over 30 minutes when Lauren frees him but he stretches like he'd been cuffed for hours.
-The exchange about the bold cutters was priceless. Lauren isn't just another pretty face, she knows all about the tools of the trade.
-Never to early to drink, this show was created by Canadians, wasn't it?
-I don't blame David for being surprised that Jack got away from Secret Service. Aren't they supposed to be the best?
-Kim looks dangerous with that piece of wood. She could do some damage with that thing baseball bat style.
-When we see Kim sitting on the haystack her shoes have changed form the ones she's been wearing the entire time to a different pair.
-Sherry is so sinister just going behind David's back like that and talking to Kingsley.
-Sherry needs to choose her words more wisely. She tells Maureen not to 'kill' the story on Keith killing Gibson. Is that a no pun intended moment?
-Since Jack has a very impressive ability to take the weight of the world on his shoulders and take the blame for everything it was great writing to not want Teri to tell Jack about what Eli did. It would crush Jack to find that his wife had been raped because of his job and what he has done in his past. Unfortunately this leaves it wide open for Jack to find out about this at another time when it might be able to be used against him or to kick him while he's down.
-Kim's expression when Teri pulls out the phone is priceless.
-David knows Sherry so well. I think all along he knew that Sherry was the one who spoke to Maureen.
-No kidding Lauren has bad luck. She did get stopped by Jack after all.
-Good thing for Jack that he's not a very sound sleeper or else he would have lost his leverage pretty fast.
-Jack is reasonably collected for being more scared than ever before.
-It seems weird that they would give Jack a car with government plates, especially if he is trying to hide from CTU. It makes it more likely to be caught since it narrows down the number of cars like it substantially. It's a lot harder to find a silver Ford with regular plates than it is to find one with government ones.
-Just when we thought Lauren believed Jack we find out she didn't.
-The Jamey-suicide angle adds a whole new dimension to what's going on? What didn't she want to share with them? Or was there just no other way out?
-Just an interesting note, the waitress in this episode, Lauren (bio), also played Chloe, Dr. Susan Lewis' slightly imbalanced sister on ER.