Written By Joel Surnow & Michael Loceff
Directed By Stephen Hopkins


Originally Aired 1.15.02
1.08 - Guns, Guns, Guns

Nina is staggering along still readjusting from falling down a short cliff. She walks down a slope and off into some fields. There doesn't appear to be anything nearby.

The press is swarming outside the power plant waiting for Senator Palmer. Martin Belkin's double [he will be called Belkin from now on] is there and as he crosses the street his phone rings. Ira Gaines is on the other in and he tells him he is just about in. Gaines says that Bauer is on the way.

David goes out on the deck of his hotel. He is looking at his cue cards but soon closes his eyes and enjoys the sun. Sherry comes outside and asks if he has decided what he is going to do. David informs her that he has rewritten the speech and he will tell them about Keith. Sherry asks what he is going to say and David answers he is going to tell the truth. He will say that Keith was involved in an accidental death seven years ago. The two of them head back inside and Sherry informs David that she will never forgive him if something bad happens to her son. Keith comes into the room and says hello. He is asked where Nicole is and he says that she went to pick up the girls from the airport. He asks what has happened and is told by David that they have put it behind them. Keith asks cynically if that means that they put it behind them by David being in the white house and him being in jail. David encourages his son to have a little faith in system. Keith shoots back asking his father if he thinks anyone will believe that the death was an accident. David says yes, he does. Keith tells him then he is a fool. Sherry is shocked but David says it's okay. He challenges Keith asking if he runs from this it will make it better.

Belkin comes into the breakfast and is introduced to Jessica Abhrams. She confesses to being a big fan of his work and Belkin hands his ID over to Agent Pierce. He checks Belkin's ID and looks at his gear. His ID card is scanned and Aaron clears him to go on into the breakfast.

Teri is brought downstairs into Gaines' compound by two thugs. She has a black hood over her head and is in a panic. Gaines is watching Jack on the monitors and he tells Jack to pull over at a bus stop. Jack follows the orders and after Jack stops a man comes over to the car. He comes to the passenger side. Jack says that he is not going anywhere until he is sure his family is safe. Gaines tells Jack that his wife just happens to be right here. He turns to Teri and tells her that she can talk to Jack. She quickly tells Jack that she doesn't know where she is yet and she hasn't seen Kim. Gaines takes the phone away and tells Jack to go to the power plant. A frazzled Jack follows the orders. Gaines turns to Teri and tells her not to worry and if her husband follows directions she should be free soon. She asks Gaines where her daughter is and he assures her that she is there. Teri asks to be taken to her please. Gaines gives the okay and Teri is taken away. He then turns and sends a message to Jamey at CTU. She sees on her terminal that she has an instant wireless message. Jamey grabs her PDA from the drawer and heads out of the main area. She runs into Milo who wants to know what he should be doing. She has no good answer and in the end she tells him to help her format some files. Milo yells to her retreating back that 'they didn't call me in here at five in the morning to format files!'

Jamey gets in the bathroom, gives herself a quick check in the mirror and then goes into a stall. She is ready to receive and Gaines speaks to his computer, the words come up on Jamey's screen, 'does this kid Milo know he's working on the wrong key card.' Jamey taps 'yes' on her screen. Gaines asks if this is going to be a problem and Jamey says no. Finally he tells her that Nina Myers is dead, make up a story for why she's not there. Jamey looks sad as she puts her PDA away.

Kim is waiting alone in the room and Teri is brought in. The thugs move the pair of them into another, bigger room. As they leave the girls hug. Kim starts to cry and Teri assures her that it's okay.
Kim is sad still and Teri is trying to comfort her. Kim asks where her dad is but Teri doesn't know. Kim asks if he knows that they're in trouble. Teri says that he does and she's sure he's doing everything he can. Kim apologizes but Teri says that it's not her fault. Teri asks Kim to tell her about these boys. She explains that she met them through Janet. She started dating Dan and then Rick came into town and they just hang out. She says that they have been kept there the whole time and says that she says that Janet has been hit by a car. Teri says she knows and Kim is surprised. They hug and Teri promises that they are going to get through this.
Nina is practically running now towards an old barn or house. She finds the place empty and kicks in the door. Inside there isn't much except a dusty room, a computer and a phone. She dials and at CTU Jamey's phone rings. Tony is standing across the way but doesn't answer it. Nina hangs up and then thinks for a second and dials Tony. He immediately starts to question her but she says that she can't get into it. He tells her to force herself. She explains to him that she is east of downtown and no one can know she's alive. Tony asks who might think she's dead and Nina wants to talk to Jamey. He says he is not finding Jamey until she tells him what is going on. Nina orders him to do it so Tony grudgingly tries to find Jamey. He comes around a corner and she is talking to Milo. He is asking Jamey when Nina is coming back and Jamey tells him that she won't be back for a couple of hours. Tony, still holding the phone, asks what makes her say that? Jamey explains causally that she just talked to Nina and she's at Division, she might be there all day. She asks what he needs. Tony tells her to never mind and walks away. He gets back on the phone and angrily demands that Nina tell him what's going on or he's going straight to Chapelle. Nina asks what Jamey said and Tony explains. He tells her that Jamey said she just talked to Nina. Nina catches on and says that they can't trust Jamey. She must think that she's dead. She tells Tony that he has to bring her back in and he says he will come. Nina tells him no and that they must be being watched through their own surveillance. Tony agrees to send a car for Nina.

David rolls up to the power plant in a limo. Him and Sherry get out and shake hands all around as they move into the power plant. Secret service is clearly visible as they get into a freight elevator and go up.

Jack comes into the breakfast along with the briefcase that Gaines gave him. Gaines tells him into his ear that he has to get through security. Jack takes a deep breath and moves forward. He hands is ID to Agent Pierce and then places his hand on the palm reader. Pearce asks to look in the briefcase and Jack looks hesitant but opens it up. Pierce asks him why he needs a laptop and Jack, thinking on his feet, says that everything they've put together on Palmer is in there. Pierce asks him to lift up the top and Jack does and then he is asked to turn it on. Jack is unsure what to do and Gaines tells him to just press any 2 buttons. Jack obeys and it starts up. Jack looks relieved and Pierce gives Jack the okay for him to go through. He asks Pierce where Palmer is and he tells him that he is on his way up. Jack packs up and goes into the breakfast. As he moves through the crowd a woman comes over to him. He calls her Jessica and they exchange a quick hug. She asks him what he has been doing and he says that he is working security. They discuss how many years it's been since high school and Jack has to get going. She asks if he is still racing motorcycles and he answers 'not since my daughter was born.' Jack says that he would like to catch up and heads away from her. He asks Gaines what he is supposed to do now and he tells Jack to go wait by the buffet table. He gets a Styrofoam cup and pours himself some coffee and a man looks at him suspiciously and then leaves. Gaines is watching his monitors and the television where he sees Palmer enter the breakfast with Sherry on his arm. Belkin is snapping photos while Jack lurks in the background looking quite sinister. David meets eyes with Jack who moves out away. David is introduced to Belkin by Jessica who says he is the best.
Kim sleeping with her head on Teri's lap. Teri gets up and leaves her sweater as a pillow for Kim. She crosses the room and starts to check out possible exits, not finding much. Rick comes in and sheepishly says hi. He says he brought some breakfast and offers the girls a brown bag. He sees Kim lying down and asks if she is okay. Teri asks who he is and he tells her his name. Teri is angry and blames Rick for kidnapping Kim. They begin to struggle when the door opens again, its Eli. He asks Rick what's going on and advises him not to make friends saying that the girls aren't going to be around much longer. Rick tries to ask him what he means as they leave the shed.

Jack is told by Gaines to start moving. He goes across the floor again and bumps into Jessica yet again. They begin to talk and she asks about Teri and if they are divorced. Jack says they just got separated. He offers to give his number to her so she can call and as he pulls out a business card he writes on the back 'Get Palmer out' before Gaines tells another one of his thugs to 'take care of this.' The other man stumbles into Jessica and with a look from the man, Jack takes the chance to get away. He moves to the wings and presents his ID to a Secret Service agent saying 'Jack Bauer, CTU,' and Gaines says in Jack's ear, 'that's my boy.' After he passes the agent Gaines tells Jack to go into medical station 3 and wait.

Tony opens the back door to CTU to find Nina and a cab outside. They hug and she assures him she's fine. He says she doesn't look okay. He pays the cab and assures her that he looped the cameras, this area is dark. He is immediately concerned at the sight of Nina, she is dirty and bruised from falling down the embankment. While he leans against the wall over her she tells him what's been going on. Tony is frustrated that he wasn't told but accepts it. Nina wants to know where Jamey is and Tony tells her she's still working with Milo. He wants to know what to do but Nina says nothing yet. The figure it has to be about Palmer as Tony leads Nina into yet another room that he says is dark, he has shut the cameras down. He wants to call Secret Service and warn them about Jack. Nina doesn't think that Jack would put Palmer's life in danger but Tony doesn't want to take any chances and asks if she is giving him an order not to call. She says no she's not and he picks up the phone.

Jack is waiting in the room still and Belkin enters. He opens up the case that Jack was carrying and under the laptop there are pieces of a gun. He instructs Jack to assemble it and Jack methodically starts to pull pieces out and put them together. While Jack works Belkin puts plastic pieces over his fingertips so that his own prints will not be on the weapon. Jack works with slightly shaky hands and when he is finished Belkin passes him a bullet. Jack takes it and loads the weapon. Jack finally addresses them and observes that they want his prints on this weapon. He asks 'do you really think anyone is going to believe that I shot David Palmer?' Belkin says nothing but instead turns to leave. Jack takes his own gun out and holds it to Belkin's head. Belkin doesn't even flinch but hesitates at the door and says calmly to Jack "You'd better put that away, somebody might get hurt." He opens the door and leaves Jack standing with his gun pointing at the door.
Tony walks across CTU and Jamey is working. Tony calls Milo who is working near her and tells him he was right the key card was a forgery. They found the original one in Jack's office. They are backing up the data and after that it goes straight to him. Tony leaves and Milo is incredulous and asks, 'A forged key card? What's that about?' Jamey says that she doesn't know. Tony goes into the room with Nina where she watches Jamey. Nina says that she's squirming. The phone rings and it is Aaron Pierce, Secret Service. Tony tells him that Jack Bauer might be at the breakfast this morning. Aaron says he is there because he cleared him. Tony says awkwardly that he may not be acting to protect the Senator. Aaron clarifies 'Are you saying he's a threat?' Tony confirms it and tells him to take the necessary precautions. Nina tells Tony that Jamey's on the move and Tony heads out. He has a hands free in his ear and Nina tells him that the cameras are on a 10 second loop for the camera. Nina gives the go and Tony has 20 seconds to get Jamey out of the bathroom. He goes in, gun drawn and silently makes is way to the stall next to Jamey. He peeks over the stall wall and yells for her to get out now. Tony hustles Jamey out of the bathroom. They are both gone before the camera changes back.

Palmer is talking with people at the breakfast and Pierce appears next to him and says he just got a call from CTU. There is a problem with one of their agents and he could be a threat. Palmer tells him coolly that if he's one of theirs he should find him and take care of this quietly. Pierce says they're trying. David agrees to lose the face time but there is something he has to say. Aaron thinks that is a mistake but David pats his shoulder and says that he's sure his people will take care of this. Aaron has no choice but to radio the others and say that Palmer is staying. They need to locate and detain Jack Bauer. He's 5'11" wearing a brown jacket. An agent not to far from Jack says that he has a possible 20 on Bauer. Aaron will be right there.

Tony shoves Jamey into the room where Nina is. She says hi to her and Jamey asks what this is about. Tony wants to know whom she was going to contact in the bathroom. Nina asks if it's the same person that set her up to be killed. Jamey doesn't have much to say and Tony doesn't have time for this. Nina wants Jamey to start telling them what's going on. Nina corners Jamey on a wall and Jamey crumbles saying that no one was supposed to get hurt. She can't tell them who. Tony comes flying in beside Nina and hits the wall. He yells at her that telling them everything she knows is her only way out of this. She explains them that 'they' paid her to tap into their surveillance but then she was asked to start sending messages from inside. When asked she tells Tony and Nina that she was mostly asked about Jack. They want more but she has to talk to someone first. Nina says no, she has to tell them now. Tony chips in that he will make sure everything she tells them will go into cutting her a deal. Jamey says no, she wants agency council. Tony handcuffs her to the table and takes off his jacket. He tosses it down and then wheels over a desk chair. He instructs Jamey to sit.

Jack is going through everything in the emergency station trying to find something to get him out of his predicament. He finds nothing and soon David Palmer is introduced into applause. Jack looks out through the blinds.
Teri is wandering around the room her and Kim are trapped in looking for a way out. She tells Kim that she loves her. She needs to know that. Kim says she does and Teri says that's good. It's important that she knows that. Kim thinks that Teri is just saying that because of their fight the other night. Teri says it's not that, it's just that they're 'stuck in this awful place and I wanted you to know that you're not alone.' Kim tells Teri that it sounds like she's saying that because she knows something bad is going to happen. Teri tells her no, 'I'm just trying to explain to you what a simple, powerful thing my love is for you. No matter how bad or good things get that's not going to change.' The two of them hug. Teri sees a guard with a gun go by outside.

David is speaking to the group and they are all clapping. Gaines watches the action as Martin goes aside to prepare. David starting his speech and Gaines tells Jack that he can step out; they're ready for him. Jack asks 'To do what?' Gaines tells Jack to relax, it will be over in 5 minutes. Gaines asks if he sees the photographer. Gaines calmly instructs Jack to go and join him. Jack looks like he's thinking and trying to keep himself together as he walks. Gaines tells Jack 'After he shoots Palmer he will hand you his gun.' Jack says quietly 'You gotta be kidding me.' Gaines reminds Jack that he knows that Jack will be tempted to intervene but if he does his family dies and they'll get Palmer anyway. Jack says he understands. Palmer speaks to the group and on the words 'commitment and honor' the crowd applauds. Martin takes his time preparing as the audience continues to applaud. Jack walks over to Martin but before he gets close a Secret Service Agent calls Jack's last name. He identifies himself to Jack as Alan Heyes, Secret Service and he tells Jack that he needs to come with him. Jack, thinking quickly, goes for the gun of the Agent. Heyes screams "GUN!" and quickly immobilizes Jack to the ground. At the yell agents bombard Palmer and push him behind the podium and shield him out of the room. In the struggle Jack's ear piece from Gaines comes out and rolls harmlessly on the ground. Jack tries to grab it as Gaines yells asking if Jack screwed him. Jack's free hand is grabbed by an agent on top of him and Jack yells toward the ear piece 'I didn't do this, please don't hurt my family, I'll help, please'. The earpiece has gotten away.

At the compound Gaines gets on the intercom and tells the person on the other end to 'kill the wife and kid.' He stomps around for a few seconds before yelling at a random thug nearby to get out of there.

Gaines sees that he has an incoming message. Gaines picks up the phone and calls Jamey. Tony is holding the phone to her ear as Gaines asks what she wants. Jamey tells Gaines that they sent Division to pick up Bauer at the power plant. She assumes that it is because he's been breaking protocol since he got to him. Gaines just hangs up.

Outside the thugs are moving Kim and Teri out. The two of them are crying and fighting every step but the thugs are bigger and soon the girls are on their knees in front of two shallow holes in the ground. Behind them the two men cock their guns, the girls join hands in preparedness. They wait; the only sounds are the crying girls. Finally Gaines voice comes over one of the phones calling Eli. With the guns still on the women Eli says 'Yeah.' Gaines says coolly 'We still need them alive.' Eli asks 'Both of them?' Gaines ponders this for a second and then answers 'Yeah.' Kim and Teri hear this and collapse with relief. Eli and the other thug pick up the girls and drag them back toward the room past Rick.

In the split screen we see Gaines, Tony, Nina and Jamey and then Jack.

Jack is led away by 3 Secret Service Agents, hands cuffed behind his back.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-Nina was very quick at healing from that fall. Not to mention she looks like she gets cleaner by the time she gets back to CTU.
-Aren't these wonderful moments of introspection great? When Palmer steps out into the sun on the deck of the hotel it just serves as a great breather before he has to finish the argument with his son and wife.
-We might be interested to know that Jessica Abrams is actually a crewmember. She is credited as the "Script Coordinator" in season 1. Personally, I'd be pretty PO'd if they wanted to use my name for this character. She's such a flirt and outright throws herself at Jack. Also, she was thinking about Martin. (Credits)
-Also, when Gaines looks on his computer to connect to Jamie the top two names are Michael Loceff and Virgil Williams who are both writers for the show, Nicole Burke - second assistant director, Todd Wasserman - production assistant, Tony Pacheco - production accountant, Jason Savage - assistant location manager.
-Teri wisely looks very concerned when Gaines tells her that if Jack follows orders she will be fine. We all know Jack isn't so much on orders.
-Line of the Week: They didn't call me in here at five in the morning to FORMAT FILES! - Milo Pressman. Ah, we love Milo!
-Where can I get one of those dictator-thingy's that actually work as well as the one Gaines has. I've had friends who have had those that we awful.
-Here's a question. What the heck is a computer and a working phone doing in that dusty old barn? It's seriously in the middle of nowhere.
-Look closely to the right side of the screen when Nina's in that barn. If you've got the wide screen version you can see a camera operator when it pans out.
-It's great how angry Tony gets when he's out of the loop. It's just bad no knowing what's going on.
-Milo looks SO bored with Jamey when Tony comes to talk to her.
-Maybe it's just because we're used to Jack but it really seemed that he was acting completely suspicious in front of Agent Pierce. The nasty look at Palmer through the crowd was a nice touch as well.
-Jack actually pours himself some coffee. Who knows what he ends up doing with the cup because it seems to disappear but he did have some at one point.
-For some reason Jack racing motorcycles doesn't really surprise me. Look at his career choice. The man cheats death every day at work, why would his hobbies be any different?
-What was the deal with the guy at the coffee table?
-Why would Teri try and fight Rick? What did she think that would prove?
-Seeing Nina and Tony together was really nice. They seem to argue a lot but it seems that Tony really does care for her.
-The scene where Jack assembles the gun and attempts to stop Belkin was so wonderful. The way he was left just pointing the gun at nothing was a nice touch.
-There's a tough phone call to make. "Yeah, you know the guy who's supposed to be a good guy and came from my office? Yeah, he might be there to kill the man that you're trying to protect. Sorry 'bout that."
-What exactly does David think he's going to prove if he gets killed giving the speech? Although, it would probably get Keith off the hook….
-Love the 'good cop bad cop' act with Nina and Tony.
-Another particularly wonderful scene was the Teri/Kim 'my love is powerful' scene. Wonderfully written and acted.
-Gaines tells Jack that if he doesn't do what he's supposed to they'll get Palmer anyway. It's a good think Gaines is prepared for Jack to fail.
-And, that's 50 points for Jack Bauer for going for the Secret Service agent's gun. Good thinking and it worked in his favor.
-I get chills every time I watch the scene where they are going to kill the girls. It was so bold for the writers to go there and it really added a whole new dimension to Gaines. Basically yes, he will kill the girls if things don't go his way.