Written By: Andrea Newman
Directed By: Bryan Spicer

Originally Aired 1.8.02
1.7 - Decisions

The new Martin Belkin has just finished dying his hair the right colour and cleaning up. He has a blown up copy of the ID stuck on the wall so that he knows what he's aiming for. He adds his contacts so his eyes are the right colour, his face is now identical. He is in a dingy room as he finishes getting dressed and leaves the room. Gaines is still at his workstation watching Jack. He tells Martin that he's seeing Palmer in an hour, he should go if he doesn't want to hit traffic. Martin takes the cases that are sitting on the table and turns to leave saying casually that 'I'm on my way.'
Jack is still on his way to CTU. He stops at a traffic light and glances in the rearview, they are still following him with a camera. A police car with two cops pulls up beside Jack and the passenger looks right at him. Their eyes meet and Gaines tells Jack to keep his eyes forward, let the cops go. Jack does and after what feels like the longest red light ever, the cops pull away. Jack is left sitting there with his thoughts until Gaines tells him it's a green light, make a right. He instructs Jack to look under the visor, Jack finds a key card there, like the one they are trying to decrypt at CTU. Jack asks what he's supposed to do with it, Gaines tells him to get to CTU.
Milo is working quietly eating his pistachios. Nina comes over and he tells her the good news; they may be close to finding the assassin. The file that was on the key card was a scrambled medical file; the person may want to hide their identification. Nina, while munching on Milo's pistachio's, thinks that he may be assuming someone else's'. She wants him to call her when he figures it out.
Keith Palmer is out for a run with a trailing agent. Palmer is driving with his entourage, sees Keith and tells them to stop. Palmer jumps out of the car and tries to go after Keith but a Secret Service agent (Aaron Pierce) stops him telling him that he's in danger. Palmer struggles away and Pierce tells the others to stand down. David catches up with Keith but Keith tells him to go away. Palmer grabs his shoulder and stops him. He assures Keith that they will tell their side of the story before Maureen Kingsley can and put the wrong spin on it. Keith doesn't see it that way; he doesn't think anyone will believe that the killing was an accident. David says, "I believe you son, if you say so." He goes on to say that he wants Keith at the breakfast, Nicole as well. Keith is angry; he accuses Palmer of just wanting him there so he can sacrifice him on CNN. David says that it needs to be done; he never gave him a chance to help. Keith is standing up to David; he asks how could he have asked him for help? He was never there. Keith is unwilling to show the rest of the world that they're a happy family. Palmer reminds him that they are a family. Keith starts to laugh and then takes off again with a Secret Service Agent in tow.
Kim and Rick are washing up after burying Dan. She shows him that he missed a spot on his neck and he wipes it with a towel. She comes right out and says that she wants him to help her get out of there. Rick says that there's no way out; this place is like a prison. Kim says that people break out of prison all the time. Rick thinks that Gaines will let him go now that he's buried Dan and he assures her that when he does he will call her dad. Now that he's done what Gaines asked him to there is no reason to keep him around. Kim says exactly, there's no reason for him to be there.
Jack has arrived at CTU. He gets out of the car and walks into the building; the trailing car still has the video camera out the passenger side. Once he's inside Jack asks what Gaines wants him to do and he is instructed to replace the key card that he gave Jack with the one that CTU is working on. Jack concludes out loud that it is because they are getting to close. Gaines has no time for this, he tells him to just switch them. Jack goes into the main area and Nina comes right over to him asking where he's been. Jack tells her lamely that his cell battery died and Kim was fine, she was just at a party. Nina is chasing Jack and as he reaches the stairs to his office she asks if he got the message she left with Teri. Jack did not so Nina tells him that they identified the body that he brought in, his name is Alan York. Jack looks stunned she continues that he is an accountant from the Valley. Jack turns away and goes into his office. Before the door even closes he demands to know "If Alan York is dead, who is the man with my wife?" Gaines answers, as if he's really enjoying this, "He's not an accountant from the valley, that's for sure." Jack is angered by this and tells Gaines "If you hurt my wife or daughter I will kill you you son of a bitch." In his earpiece Jack hears a gunshot and feedback from the noise. He moves quickly from angry to scared and asks what Gaines has done. He has to ask twice before Gaines, leaning on his hand with the pistol aiming at the roof, admits he did nothing, but he threatens "that will be the last sound your wife and daughter hear" if Jack doesn't cooperate. This gets Jack on board and he asks what he wants him to do. Gaines says to get the key card and switch it. Jack admits that this wont be easy, he can't really do it without attracting attention. Gaines tells Jack that if he can't do this then he ceases to be useful, as does his family. Gaines leaves Jack to ponder this while he picks up his phone and calls 'Alan'. The phone is out of range so Gaines leaves a message. He calls him Kevin and informs him that Teri knows that he's not Alan.
They are still driving and Teri starts to roll down the window. This causes Alan to ask if she's all right and she confesses that she feels a bit woozy. She asks him pull over. He is reluctant and says that it's not far but she persists demanding that he stop. He does and she gets out and heads up a hillside. While she's gone Kevin checks his messages. He is just in range and it's choppy but he gets the idea. With this new information he gets out of the car taking the keys and goes after Teri. He calls to her and starts to look around as he reaches the top of the slope. After a few seconds Teri appears from behind a tree and hits him with a rock, knocking him to the ground. They struggle and Kevin manages to toss the keys into the bush before Teri delivers the knockout blow with the rock. 6:13
Teri is tying up Alan to a tree using cables that she must have found in the car. He is still unconscious and she heads back down the slope to her cell phone. She finds that there is no service and as she heads back up the hill there is still nothing.
Rick goes to Gaines and says that Dan is buried. Gaines answers that that is good. Rick pauses trying to find the words and then reminds Gaines that he said that he'd pay him when he got back here, but if it's a problem he can pay him whenever. Gaines coolly replies, "Well, that's very kind of you Rick." Rick awkwardly says that he should be going to get out of everyone's way; Gaines didn't realize that he was in anyone's way. Rick, obviously thinking that Gaines will kill him, says that he's not, but he should just be going. Gaines says that he's got a couple more things for him to do and then they can talk about when he can go.
Milo is working on the key card still and as Jack watches from his office Gaines says that it is taking too long. Jack says he can't just go and switch it, it would attract too much attention. Jack makes eye contact with Nina and motions her upstairs and then tells Gaines 'fine.' He sits at his desk and says that they need to make it look natural as he starts to write a note explaining that he's bugged. Gaines tells Jack to drop the pen and shred the paper. Jack looks around; he thought Gaines could only hear him now that he's inside CTU. Jack looks at a security camera pointed at his office and Gaines says, "that's right, I'm watching you." He demands that Jack shred the note now or his daughter dies. Nina reaches to top of the stairs and opens the door just as Jack shreds the paper. When she enters she asks him what's going on, she was in the middle of telling him something important and he just walked away. Jack apologizes and busies himself with some papers; he wants to know what it was. Nina informs him that they are close to making a breakthrough on the key card; Milo is about to ID the shooter. Gaines tells Jack that they need to switch it now and Jack, thinking on his feet, tells Nina to tell Milo to wait until he gets there. Nina clarifies that Jack wants him to stop working on it? Jack says just till he gets there. Nina wants to know why and Jack snaps 'because I asked you to.' Nina knows that something is going on, Jack is not himself, but she keeps quiet and leaves the office.
Nicole Palmer is watching the news and her dad comes in. He asks if her mom told her what's been going on. Nicole admits she knows and asks if Keith is going to jail. David turns off the TV and says that he's not as long as it happened the way he says it did. Nicole assures David that it did and asks if he's coming to the breakfast. David hopes so, he knows it's a lot to ask and Nicole says not to worry; she'll be there. David is concerned and warns her that she's going to get a lot of hard questions thrown at her and they won't just be about Keith, they're going to bring up the rape. Nicole takes this well, she knows, she says that she was just hoping that it was all over. She says that not talking about it all of these years made her start to believe that it didn't happen. David tells her that she doesn't have to answer anything she doesn't want to, she can just say 'no comment' or refer them to David. Nicole looks troubled by entire thing as David gets up, kisses her and leaves her there.
Milo has his foot up on his desk as he munches away on his pistachios waiting for Jack. Jack arrives, quickly glancing at the camera and then telling Milo that Nina said they were close to finding a name. He asks how much longer and Milo says that he was waiting for him. Jack acts angry and asks why. In the mean time he reaches down for the keyboard and knocks the nuts on the floor. He says he sorry and Milo says it's fine but it's obvious that it isn't. While Milo is under the desk Jack switches the card Gaines gave him for the one Milo was working on. Once Milo is finished he straightens up and tells Jack that Nina told him to wait. Jack says that he doesn't understand why she would have said that, he wants the name. As he walks away Milo snaps that they'd better get their signals straight.
Milo is talking away to his computer; it isn't working properly for him. Jamey hears this and asks what's wrong. Milo tells her that he already computed this and now it's not working. Jamey suggests that it might be because the sectors aren't linked. Milo indignantly replies, 'oh, you think so, huh?' as he taps away and it starts to work. Jamey is smug that she was right, which Milo admits. She doesn't go until he says 'nice one, thanks.'
Teri tries to flag down a passing car. Kevin has regained consciousness and says that that's not a good idea. They are expecting him to show up with her and when he doesn't they'll know that something is wrong, this endangers Kim. Teri, trying to ignore him, tries to get her cell to work but Kevin says that calling the police or Jack would have the same effect. She tells him to shut up and leaves him there.
Jack is sitting at his desk still under the influence of Gaines. He makes a call to get priority clearance to come into Palmers breakfast. Jack is told that the list is closed but Jack insets that he open it up. He gives his clearance number he's then allowed in. Now Gaines wants Jack to call division and post himself out for an hour and tell them that his investigation is making good progress.
Rick comes into Kim's lockup and tells her that Gaines won't let him go yet. Kim asks what he's going to do and Rick doesn't know. Kim wants to get out of there, he agrees and grabs a piece of chalk and starts to draw a map on the ground. As the devise an escape route they hear someone coming. Rick quickly stands up and covers the drawing and as the door opens Kim pulls him onto her. She pretends to be trying to get away as Eli comes in and asks what he's doing. Kim does her best to look distraught as Rick stands up and asks Eli for 5 minutes pleading that no one needs to know. Eli says he'll give him 4 and leaves saying he'll be outside. Kim throws in a token 'no don't' but Eli leaves. After he's gone Rick says that when he goes he'll leave the door unlocked. He tells her to go behind the shed and wait for her there. Kim apologizes for hitting him in the tussle and they smile.
Milo is again talking to his computer, he keeps saying that it's 'not true'. Nina overhears and comes over asking what's wrong. Milo tells her that this is not the same key card that he was working on since a few minutes ago he was 20% through and now he's 99% done. Nina reminds him that he's been sitting here the entire time, who could have switched it? Milo looks at Nina and then up to Jack.
Jack is on the phone looking stressed out. He is pinching the bridge of his nose as he waits to get through to division. When he does he posts himself out and then gets up. Nina comes into his office and Jack tells her that there is an emergency at division and he has to go. Nina doesn't buy it, she wants to know where the key card is. Jack plays dumb so she tells him that someone switched the card that Milo had been working on with the one she has now. Jack asks who and Nina says that Milo thinks it was him. Jack continues to play dumb and opens his locker preparing to go. Nina continues that the only time he took his eyes off the system was when Jack distracted him. Jack realizes this isn't working so he comes up with a story that he did, indeed switch the card but it was because division got some new information and they didn't trust Milo with it. Nina asks again where the key card is but this time Jack just stands there. Gaines says in his ear to take care of this and Nina tells him to give it to her or she'll call division herself. Jack relents and holds the card out for her to take. As she gets closer Jack, in one motion, grabs Nina and shoves her against the wall with his gun drawn he holds it to her temple. Gaines, who is watching all this, tosses his hands up in frustration and sits back in his chair. Jack gets close to Nina and tells her quietly, "I'm sorry Nina but I will kill you if I have to." Nina is shocked by this revelation and Jack is visibly upset. He tells pulls a CTU jacket out of his locker and puts it over her shoulders telling her 'no screaming.' Nina says that she doesn't understand but Jack encourages her not to talk, he promises he'll explain everything as soon as they get out of there. He reminds her to be quiet and opens the door. As they head down the stairs Jack is hiding the gun under a fold in the jacket. Tony comes to them and which Jack sees and he pulls the gun out and hides it. Tony wants to know where they're going and Jack says that they're going to division and that a meeting has been set up before Palmers day starts. Jack tells Tony that Nina will brief them when she gets back. They head outside and Jack opens the car door for Nina to get in the drivers side. She starts to question what he's doing, she wants to know where he's taking her but Jack just tells her to start the car and drive. 6:37
Teri is walking away from where she has Kevin tied, she finally gets through on her cell to someone. She had been trying to call Jack but a hospital worker in scrubs picks up the ringing phone in the parking lot. Looking confused he answers it 'hello' and Teri says 'Jack?' The worker says no, this phone was lying on the ground he must have dropped it. Teri asks if anything has happened there and he says no, if it's a problem he offers to call the cops. Teri quickly answers no and hangs up as she quickly makes another call. This time she calls CTU. The phone rings numerous times and Jamey picks up. She tells Teri that Jack left with Nina and he's okay. Teri gives Jamey the information about her location and Jamey says that she'll send someone to come and get Teri right away. They hang up the phone and Teri heads back towards Kevin.
David is tying his tie and Sherry appears behind him. She tells him he looks handsome, presidential. He asks where Keith is and she says that he's still in his room. David reminds her that they don't have much time. Sherry asks David, 'what if Maureen Kingsley could be persuaded not to come forward with the story?' David says that he already asked her and there is no way. Sherry persists telling David that Maureen has a past just like everyone else. What if there's something there that she wants to keep there? Palmer reads it for what it is and asks Sherry if she means to blackmail her. Sherry tells David that she is just trying to save their son and David's candidacy. David sees right through her and asks if she's been talking to Karl. He continues to ask her disbelievingly if after all that they've been through she still wants to cover it up? Sherry thinks that it doesn't matter because it already happened, it has been covered up. She leaves David standing there and he angrily undoes his tie and starts again.
Eli is relieving himself outside the room where Kim is being held. Rick comes out and tells Eli that he 'can't say this gig doesn't have its benefits.' Eli says that he's lucky that Gaines didn't catch him, he'd be dead. Rick starts to go away but Eli hangs back, he's contemplating a visit with Kim as well. Rick reminds him that he just finished lecturing him about the same thing; besides, they need to be loading the trucks. They head away and Kim comes out of the room and runs to the meeting spot with Rick. Rick pretends he left his keys back with Kim and doubles back. Instead of going to the room he meets with Kim. He meets with her and they start off.
Teri is waiting as 2 agents show up in an unmarked car. They climb the hill calling Teri Mrs. Bauer and introducing themselves as CTU agents. They proceed to untie Kevin and are taking no precautions. Teri says that he's dangerous; she wants them to be more careful. She realizes that something is wrong just as they grab her and throw a bag over her head. Screaming, Teri is led down to the car.
Jamey is still at her desk at CTU. She is busy crossing out the information she had taken down from Teri. When she decides that is sufficient she throws the paper away as Tony comes over. He wants to know whether she has heard anything about a jurisdiction meeting. Jamey says no she hasn't. Tony is concerned that he can't get a hold of Nina, he thinks that it is strange how her and Jack left. He asks Jamey to get the security camera feed from Jacks office and send it to his screen.
Nina is driving the car with Jack as the passenger and she asks where they're going. Gaines tells Jack to turn right and he relays the info to Nina. Nina wants answers; she is angry with Jack and says that 'all night you've been feeding me this line that someone inside the agency wants Palmer dead and your daughters in danger…is it all a lie or just some of it?' Jack is disturbed by this and tells her not to make this any harder than it already is. The camera moves down and we see that he has his gun pointing at her. Nina tells him that he's got a gun on her and Gaines gives Jack another set of directions. Nina looks at Jack and says, "To think I ever trusted you, defended you…" She is cut off by Jack yelling for her to watch out as she nearly rear-ends a stopped car in front of them. Gaines tells Jack to be careful, he needs him alive.
The car that Nina and Jack are in stops in a field full of machinery. Inside the car, Jack tells Nina to stop. She asks him what the place is and she tells him that they've been followed. Jack says that he knows and he goes on to ask Gaines what he wants him to do. Nina, realizing that Jack is talking to an earpiece wants to know whom he's talking to. Gaines instructs Jack to 'take her out and shoot her'. Nina is still chattering in the background and Jack refuses. Gaines gives Jack the ultimatum that it's either Nina or her daughter. This strengthens Jack's resolve and tells Nina to get out. She doesn't move so he gets out of the car and goes around to her side. Jack opens the door and forces her out. He is very upset and as he brings her around the front of the car and pins her to the hood he explains that he has no choice; they have Teri and Kim. Jack is trying to force Nina to face the other direction as she starts firing questions at him asking how he knows that they won't kill them anyway. Gaines is unimpressed with the chitchat and demands Jack get on with it. Jack is still trying to turn Nina around as they struggle dangerously close to a cliff he tells her that he's sorry. Finally she says that he'll have to shoot her to her face as they argue and Gaines is still telling Jack to do it or his family dies when he pulls the trigger. He lets a few rounds go and Nina falls backwards down the cliff. Jack stands there looking over it for a few seconds looking distressed and then, after being told to by Gaines, heads back to the car. The tailing car pulls up with the camera and shows Nina to Gaines. Jack sits for a few seconds in the car and then covers his mouth as if he's trying not to vomit. It passes and he starts the car and drives away.
Rick is explaining to Kim how to get to the highway from the compound. They are set to go but just before they do a car drives up and Teri gets out. She is frantically yelling for Kim who hears this and tells Rick that that's her mom. Rick wants to go but Kim argues that she can't just leave her there. Rick says that they can call the police when they get out but they have to go. Kim tells Rick to go and call Jack; she wants to stay with her mom. A guard saunters nearby and Rick says that that was their only chance to get out of there. They take off out of there and Teri is still hysterically asking questions as she is led inside. Kim and Rick go back to the holding room.
Tony is watching the monitor of the video when Jack took Nina out of CTU. Tony sees Jack pull the gun and breathes 'Jack, you son of a bitch.' He watches as Jack covers Nina in a jacket and then asks the screen 'why'd he give her a flack jacket?'
Nina sits up at the bottom of the hill and looks down at the jacket. She pulls off the cover and looks at the squashed bullets that flattened out. She pulls them out and examines them. Nina stands up and puts on her shoe that had fallen nearby. She rubs the back of her head and starts to stumble away.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-Did we really need to see Martin putting his contacts in that close? I'm very happy that I don't have a bigger TV, it looked gross enough on the one I already have.
-as a strange aside to that, it's weird that I can handle seeing people killed, tortured, beaten etc., but one little contact lens creeps me out.
-If Gaines had a camera in the Silver Taurus, why did he need those very conspicuous people following Jack?
-it's funny how easily their driving is effected…first Jack misses his green, then Nina nearly rear ends another car. Ugly.
-I have this sudden craving for pistachios…anyone else?
-well, I guess the advantage for Keith is that he has a jogging partner…the bad news is that the Secret Service Agent has to jog with Keith. As least they found a fit guy…
-was it just a coincidence that the space in the console of that BMW was perfect for the phone that Kevin had? It must have been Alan York's car because the cop didn't say anything about the registration earlier but that looks like it was made for the phone.
-I thought that Gaines had shot someone, even one of his lackeys while he was trying to scare Jack.
-Gaines again has the really good lines, when jack asks who the man is with his wife his answer, "not an accountant from the valley." Is great and perfectly delivered.
-Gaines really does have an answer for everything, doesn't he?
-I just love how Gaines gives a little wave to Jack at CTU into the cameras…Ira, he can't see you, remember?
-The note to Nina was a really good idea, I think this also lets Jack know just how prepared they are.
-It just sounds weird to hear Sherry called mom…I don't know why.
-I love how Milo talks to himself. I also love how he has this pistachio fixation. It's really quite funny; this character has serious…well…character.
-Milo and Jamey are wonderfully competitive…if these guys are playing we need to have a CTU bowling tournament or something. CTU versus Division? For some reason, I don't think I could see Chapelle in a bowling shirt having a beer and playing against Jack and Tony.
-Good idea for Kim to try and convince Eli that Rick is trying to assault her, it nearly backfired but it was a good idea. I also don't think that she minded kissing Rick again.
-So, was there just a random piece of chalk lying around for Rick to draw the exit map with?
-I absolutely love Sutherland's performance in this episode. In fact, it is one of my favourites because of the power that he carries. I nearly cry every time I watch him shoot Nina, such a heart-wrenching predicament to be put in, to choose between your wife and daughter and your ex-lover and coworker.
-From where I stand, trying to blackmail anything out of Maureen Kingsley just doesn't seem like a good idea…I think she has less to lose than Palmer.
-That was the longest 4 minutes ever that Eli gave Rick and Kim. Actually, it was closer to 10.
-I think Kim would have been better off listening to Rick and going with him to call Jack about Teri.
-I think this sets up really nicely what happens with Nina and Jack in the end, he was so distraught at the prospect of killing her and upset, even though she was wearing a vest. This shows that he really cares for her, which makes the ending even more dramatic.
-There is an interesting parallel between Jack holding the gun to Nina and says that he will kill her if he has to in this episode and Nina telling Jack in Season 2 that she doesn't want to shoot him just yet but she will if she has to.
-Nina tells Jack in a very upset tone that she trusted him and she can't believe that he would do this. Well, I'm thinking that any betrayal she feels is NOTHING compared to what he's going to feel in about 18 hours.