Written By: Howard Gordon
Directed By: Bryan Spicer

Originally Aired 12.18.01
1.6 - The Real Alan York

In the operating room, Janet is crashing and they are trying to save her. At this point it looks bad as they repetitively shock her as Alan and Teri look on. Teri's cell rings and it is Jack calling to let her know that he is on the west side and he'll be there soon. Teri tells him that there is a complication with Janet but Jack says not to let anyone near her, she might be in danger but don't tell anyone.

Jack arrives at CTU and leaves the body for Nina to deal with. Somehow this is all connected to Palmer but it will take them a while to figure out how, the people that killed the man left him with no teeth, fingers and badly mutilated face. Jack asks her to call when she gets a name as we hear a chopper showing up. He asks Nina for a favor and she reminds him they are starting to add up. He ploughs on and asks her not to tell anyone that he requisitioned the chopper for personal use. As he leaves her he calls hospital security to get them to put extra security on Janet, Just after takeoff Tony appears and wants to know where Jack was going, he asked for the chopper but didn't log a destination. Nina is mad and tells Tony to stop following her but he says he'd prefer to think of it as watching her back. Nina coldly tells him that when she needs his help, she'll ask for it.

Rick is crouching over Dan, Kim is sitting. Gaines comes out of the compound on his phone and hands a shovel to Rick. He offers advise to Rick, “you see what happens when you lie? Don’t ever lie to me, Rick.” Rick assures him that he wont, Gaines says he knows. Gaines starts to head away and says to Rick “Bury your friend.” Rick asks where and Gaines replies “In the ground.” He leaves and Kim surveys the area. Rick starts to dig, but Kim thinks they have to get out of there. They don’t trust Rick and they’re not going to let him walk away. Rick’s heard enough, he tells her to shut up.

Carl is waiting for David. Sherry asks him what he’s doing there, he informs her David asked him to come. She is quite rude to him. Palmer arrives, Sherry leaves reminding him that he has to get ready. Carl asks what the big emergency is, Palmer says Keith has been lying and he was involved in covering it up from him and the law. The fact that the hospital record was altered shows it could only be him. Palmer asks him to look him in the eye and tell him what happened. Carl asks if he’s sure he wants to know? David might not like what he finds if he starts opening these doors. Palmer thinks they’re already open, he’s listening. Carl admits that Keith went to see Gibson and after, Keith went to Carl, Gibson had pulled a knife. David asks why he didn’t tell him? He wouldn’t have covered it up, it was his decision. He tells Carl that he doesn’t want him anywhere near him or his family again. Carl tells David that he’s never needed him more than he needs him now. David tells him to get out but as he does Carl turns back to David and says “Before you finish crucifying me, save some nails for your wife.” David says that Sherry didn’t know about this but Carl wants to know how Keith got to him in the first place? 5:10

Rick is digging a hole and Kim gets a shovel and starts to help. Rick asks what she is doing, Kim snaps back “what does it look like?” She continues to dig so he lights a smoke. He starts to think and asks Kim if she thinks he wanted to leave Janet there? Everything just got so crazy, all they were supposed to do was hang out with them. No one was supposed to get hurt. Kim asks what he thinks was going to happen? She adds sarcastically that smoking up is really going to help. She again wants him to help her find a way out.

Jack arrives at the hospital. He introduces himself to security and thanks him for getting them organized so fast. Teri sees Jack, runs and hugs him. Jack tells her softly that it’s okay, he’s here now. Teri is upset, she cries “don’t ever leave me.” They kiss; the guard that met Jack somewhat awkwardly tells Jack that he’ll be walking the floor if Jack needs anything. Jack again tells Teri that it’s going to be okay, he wants to know about Janet. Teri says that she’s stable, but she can’t talk yet. Teri now wants to know who she might be in danger from, Jack admits that it is someone who doesn’t want her talking to him. Teri introduces Jack to Alan, he tells Alan that he wants to question Janet when she’s up to it. Jack now interrogates Alan, asking if he knew them boys that they were out with on a school night? Alan replies that neither did Jack. It is getting tense, Teri asks Jack in amazement if he’s treating Alan as a suspect? Jack says mostly to Alan that their daughter is still missing, he understands that, right? Teri is angry with Jack, Alan has been a friend to her tonight but Jack is now distracted. There is a man causing a fuss trying to get into the area. He’s saying that he’s there to see his brother, Jack asks what the problem is? The man brushes Jack off and walks past. Jack asks what’s in the briefcase, they guy just gives attitude so Jack stops him physically. He pushes the guy down on the gurney that’s there and dumps out the contents. Its just pills. A lady appears around the corner and appears to know the man, asking him what he’s doing there. He says that they aren’t giving his friend his medicine. Jack, frustrated, picks up the bag and throws it aside. He sees Teri standing there upset so he walks back to her. They embrace and walk back into the waiting room, Teri is crying.

Sherry asks David what Carl wanted. David just says that he knows about Keith. Sherry asks knows what and David tells her that he went to Carl to cover up the death of Gibson. Sherry tries to convince him that it’s just a story but Palmer’s had enough. He says that he doesn’t understand why she’d keep this from him. She says that she wanted to tell him, but Carl said…David cuts her off, don’t put this on Carl. Sherry tries another approach, she says that she did what she thought was right for the family and his career. Palmer is really mad now and starts to walk away. He then asks about Nicole, does she know too? Sherry says yes. They were protecting him. Palmer accuses her of just protecting her chance to move into the White House. Sherry says that she is ambitious, that’s why he married her. He tells her that ‘I married you because I loved you.’ Sherry brushes it off and says that they need to do everything they can to keep this from getting out, they will lose the election and Keith will go to jail. Palmer leaves her there. 5:22

Rick is digging still and he starts to reflect about Dan. He tells Kim that everything was a game to him. Kim says that she’s spent every day trying to get away from her mother and now she can’t stop wishing she was there. Kim says that they have to get out of there. Gaines emerges, he wants Kim to come with him. She is still holding the shovel, he tells her “and leave the shovel, unless you plan to use it on me.” Before he leaves, Gaines tells Rick by the time he gets ;your friend better be in the ground.’

Jack is calling Nina. She tells him that the estimated time of death for the body was between 11 and 12 last night. They are running his DNA now, Jack is impatient. He thinks it’ll take too long. He tells Nina to put Jamey on it. Nina asks if he found Kim yet.

Teri it talking with Alan again, they are watching Jack on the phone. She says to him that she’s sorry about Jack, Alan won’t hear of it. She doesn’t have to apologize for her husband, they’re all wound up tight. Teri replies that Jack seems to be wound up a little tighter then the rest of them. It’s an occupational hazard. Alan inquires, he thought she said he sat behind a desk. Teri, flustered at the thought of it, admits that half the time she doesn’t know what he does. It’s a security thing. Alan sympathizes that it must be tough on her, she confesses sometimes it is. Alan replies, yes but she deals with it. When Janet wakes up she’ll tell them where Kim is. Jack hangs up his phone and reenters the waiting room. He pauses for a second and then approaches Teri saying ‘walk with me.’ He takes her hand and she gets up. They go out into the hallway and Teri immediately asks Jack what’s going on, why is there so much security? They stop walking and Jack looks around. He faces Teri and tells her that ‘today someone is going to try and kill David Palmer.’ Teri looks at him and asks what that has to do with Janet? Why is she in danger? Jack replies heavily, because she was with Kim. Teri still doesn’t get it, she asks how this relates to an assassination attempt? Jack says that whoever is planning it must know that he’s been assigned to protect Palmer. Teri pieces it together and asks ‘they kidnapped Kim?’ Teri dissolves to tears and Jack hugs her. He tells her quietly that he knows that this is all happening because of him. Jack is upset himself now, and verges on tears as he tells Teri ‘I’ve always tried to keep a wall between my work and my family and now that wall is coming down and I don’t know what to do.’ She is crying on his shoulder, she backs away and asks what they want from him? Shouldn’t they call the police? Jack says they can’t without endangering Kim. Teri asks ‘what if it’s too late?’ Jack wisely answers that they took her for a reason and that was not to hurt her. Teri cries on Jack some more, Jack tells her that “I promise you we are going to get her back.” This doesn’t seem to help Teri, he whispers to her “I’m so sorry.”

Jamey is working, Nina comes and says that she needs her in forensics. She has called in Milo to take over Jamey’s stuff. Jamey protests that she can do it, Nina says that she’s not as good as Milo at this stuff, Jack wants her on this new stuff. They leave and Tony watches.
Palmer is coming down the hall of the hotel, he stops and knocks on a door. A voice inside asks who it is, Palmer answers ‘David’. Mike Novick answers the door in his pajamas. Palmer apologizes saying that he was trying to keep him out of it. Mike is okay with the awakening, he says that he’s Palmers' chief of staff, he shouldn’t be left out of anything.

Teri and Jack meet back up with Alan, Janet has been moved to ICU. Jack apologizes for the way he acted before, Alan says it’s fine.
Nina calls Jack’s cell.. She has good news about the body, it has a pin in his ankle and it was specially made, it’s one of a kind. They can trace the medical records for it. Jack asks that she call as soon as she has something.

Mike is giving Palmer his opinion. According to the situation Palmer is ‘textbook unelectable.’ Palmer thinks that he was right, then, to want to pull out. Mike says no, that’s the last thing he should do. Palmer is baffled by this, he reminds Mike that he just told him that he couldn’t win. Mike says that Palmer is the most influential candidate this country has seen in a long time, like it or not. He says that it was an accident, Palmer says that they all covered it up. Mike says that’s he important thing, he didn’t know. Palmer isn’t buying this, he asks ‘what does that say about me? Not knowing the most important things about my family?’ Mike thinks that the voters know how to forgive, he just has to know how to ask. Palmer needs to come out with this before Maureen, make it the first thing he says at the breakfast. Palmer is hesitant, he doesn’t know how his family will feel about that. Mike says that he should fine out, “when you come clean, be damn sure you’re family’s standing next to you.”

Jack and Teri go back to Alan and they are told that they are optimistic about Janet’s status. Jack wants to know when he can ask Janet a few questions; the doctor is uncomfortable with it but leaves it up to Alan. He says that he wants to go and see her first, the Bauer’s comply. Alan and the doctor head towards the room and Jack puts his arm around Teri, they start to wonder down the corridor. Jack asks Teri, ‘you know what we should do after this?’ Teri answers, smartly, ‘Get some sleep?’ Jack smiles and suggests that they “take that trip we always talked about, up the coast into Canada…just the three of us.” Teri thinks that would be nice. They come to a stop and Jack’s cell is ringing. He picks it up thinking it’s Nina and says, “That was quick” but the voice on the other end is not Nina. He tells Jack to do what he tells him to and he might see his daughter again, he is instructed to say yes if he understands. Jack says yes and the man, Gaines, instructs him to smile at his wife like nothing’s wrong. Jack gives a weak smile and starts to look around, seeing a security camera and looking right at it. Gaines confirms that he’s watching Jack and tells him to walk away from Teri now “or Kimberly gets a bullet in her head.” Jack mumbles something to Teri about the reception being really bad and starts to back away saying he’ll be right back. After he loses sight of Teri, Gaines instructs him to continue down the hall, Jack asks what he wants him to do? Gaines tells Jack to go out the North Entrance and is giving Jack directions. This causes Jack to look again for a camera and Gaines confirms that he’s still watching.

Alan is outside Janet’s room; the doctor says that his daughter is a tough one. Alan hesitates and the doctor asks if he’d rather go in alone? Alan gratefully accepts the idea and steps in the room. He enters and Janet is still drowsy, under the influence of anesthetic. She calls weakly ‘daddy?’ and Alan approaches saying “hello, Janet, you’ve had a rough night, haven’t you” As Alan comes into focus Janet asks “Who are you, where’s my father?” Without saying anything he takes the tube supplying oxygen to Janet and squeezes off the supply. He then uses his hand to cover the holes in her mask, stopping the airflow completely. Janet starts to fight but is no match for Alan who casually reaches over and turns the sound on the monitor off. He watches the screen until the lines move no more, then he quietly leaves the room. 5:47
In the split screen we see that Teri is still waiting for Jack. Downstairs, Jack gets off the elevator and asks where he’s going. He is told that there’s a silver Taurus, get in. Jack looks around and sees two guys in another car watching him. He gets in the car and then insists that Gaines prove to him that his daughter is still alive. Gaines obliges and Kim gets on the phone and calls Jack ‘daddy?’ Jack answers, “Kimberly, are you okay?” She starts to reply “Yeah, they haven’t hurt me but…” she is cut off by Gaines who retakes possession of the call and instructs Jack to take the metal box out of the glove box. He does and finds an earpiece; Gaines says to “tuck it in your ear.” Jack does, Gaines wants him to say something. “If you hurt my daughter, I will kill you.” Gaines calmly says that there’s a nice clear signal, Jack can now lost his phone out the window. He folds it and starts to pocket it, but Gaines insists that it go out the window. Jack drops it and asks where he wants him to go. “To the office like everyone else.” Jack asks “CTU?” and Gaines reminds him “that’s where you work.”
Teri is trying to get through to Jack’s cell but gets his voicemail. She starts to leave a message but Alan comes up behind her and scares her, she wasn’t expecting him. He tells her that Janet said they were with some boys that got to aggressive; he has an address in Bel-Air. Alan suggests that they get it to the police, Teri says that Jack is the police. She calls him again and leaves another message as she heads into a corridor. She calls for him and says that Jack was just there, she wants to get to that address now. Alan offers to drive her; Janet will be out for hours. Teri says absently that she’ll just call from the car.

Rick has finished digging a hole for Dan; he drags his body into it with great difficulty. He carefully lays him down as Kim reappears with a guard. Rick gets some dirt on his shovel and holds it over Dan’s body. Before dropping it he says ‘sorry man,’ and starts. He wipes his face and Kim says that they’re going to be okay, she just talked to her dad and he’s going to get them out. Rick is doubtful; he doesn’t even know where they are. Kim says it doesn’t matter, he’ll find them, she grabs a shovel and starts to help.

Milo comes into the room where they are trying to identify the John Doe, he’s eating. He asks Jamey if she tried an s-vox inversion on the key card, she admits she didn’t. Milo says that it’s the fastest way to a file that size, Nina interrupts them and says that they just ID’d they’re John Doe. Milo turns to leave, still looking interestingly at the body.

Alan is driving Teri; they are in the middle of nowhere. She inquires as to a mark on his wrist, she says it wasn’t there before. He assures her it was, he did it at the furniture store. Teri’s cell rings and she picks it up, it’s Nina. She tells Teri that she’s looking for Jack, Teri’s confused. She thought that the person Jack was talking to at the hospital was Nina, but Nina says she hasn’t talked to him. Nina requests that Teri give Jack a message, the murder victim she asked him to identify, and his name is Alan York. Teri asks Nina to say that again, Nina repeats it, he’s an accountant from the valley. Teri, trying to sound cool, says okay, Nina asks Teri to tell Jack to call in if she hears form him. She says okay and they hang up. Alan asks if everything is all right, Teri says it was just someone looking for Jack.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-The doctor dealing with Alan and Janet in this episode looks like the same doctor from season 2 when Kim, Miguel and Gary are at the hospital.
-The plates on the car that Jack arrives to CTU in are NOT the same ones that Gaines asked him and Penticoff to find last episode. I wasn’t able to tell last episode if they were right, but this is supposed to be the same car.
-I quite enjoyed the scenes with Nina and Tony, she’s very snotty with him, I especially like the “when I need your help I’ll ask for it.” She’s tough...
-The favours are already starting to add up between Jack and Nina, and we’re only 6 hours into the day. I wonder if he often asks...it seems like it
-I’m pretty sure that Rick doesn’t need to be told not to lie to Gaines. I’m pretty sure that seeing his friend shot in the head taught him pretty well.
-I thought it was funny that Kim chose to hide back in the trunk rather than watch Dan bleed.
-Gaines gets some of the best lines ever. When Rick asks where to bury Dan, I love the simplicity of the answer “In the ground.” Also, when he talks to Jack and tells him to go to work. Jack asks CTU and is reminded that ‘that’s where you work.’ Either Gaines has this stupefying effect on people or he just sees things the simple way.
-This episode also carried one of my favourite Sherry-related lines, it’s a line of the week contender; Carl: “Before you finish crucifying me, save some nails for your wife.” I also really like David’s immediate insistence that she had nothing to do with it…are you sure? I wouldn’t be if I was him.
-That moment with Jack and Teri was pretty touching when she tells him to not ever leave her. Do we think this may have been meant in a relationship context as well? Maybe she’s ready for them to go on with their lives.
-When Palmer reminds Sherry “I married you because I loved you.” That must have hurt for Palmer; does she honestly think he married her because she’s ambitious? I hope that was just a heat of the moment thing.
-Kim’s got a real ‘ask and you shall receive’ thing going on. She confides in Rick that all she wants is her mom to be there and lo and behold, not 2 hours later she will show up.
-We’ve known Jack Bauer for what…5 and a half hours now? I think that we were all figuratively shaking our heads when Teri tells Alan that Jack is wound a little tighter than everyone else, I think we knew that.
-Hey Mike, nice PJ’s! Does he have a little hat to go with those?
-I just loved the scene where Jack tells Teri why Kim is not there. It was beautiful and touching and sad…great writing, great acting.
-It’s kind of interesting that in the book for season one (Findings at CTU) Jack says that he always suspected something about Alan…that may be an oversight, either that or he’s really good at hiding it because you can’t tell here.
-Aren’t there any alarms on Janet’s machines that are hooked up to the nurses’ station? I don’t think that she’d just be able to die without anyone coming running…
-Teri could be an agent, too…she notices Alan’s scratch right away…
-Assuming Teri and Jack have been married as long as Kim has been around (about 16 years), don’t you think she would have known that something was wrong with Jack when Gaines called him? It was pretty obvious from where I am standing, but whatever I guess…
--Spoilers—Not unless you’ve seen the end of season 1--
--Another one of the main reasons that I liked the scene with Teri and Jack in the hallway is that there is some serious foreshadowing. In about 18 hours, Jack will be holding Teri again and saying that he’s ‘so sorry’, only she won’t be able to hear him, and he’s the one that’s crying.
--Kim’s got a real ‘ask and you shall receive’ thing going on. She confides in Rick that all she wants is her mom to be there and lo and behold, not 2 hours later she will show up.