Written By: Chip Johannessen
Director: Winrich Kolbe

Originally Aired 12.11.01
1.5 - Jail Break

At the hospital in the operating room and they are prepping for Janet. When they bring her in she has been cleaned up, but she is still unconscious.

A cop car runs a light and Jack is close behind. The suspect in the car is the one that shot the cop.

Teri and Alan rush into the hospital, they are looking for help. They try to get information and ask anyone they can find about the traffic accident and the person that was brought in. Finally someone working the desk asks if she can help then and they say they are looking for a girl involved in a traffic accident. She asks them for the name and they say either Kimberly Bauer or Janet York. The nurse searches the system and finds a 'Jane Doe'. At this Teri and Alan take off down they hall with the nurse yelling after them that they can't go in there. They go through a series of doors and eventually find Janet in the operating room. Alan looks in and then turns to Teri, he assures her they will find Kim. Teri's cell rings, it is Jack. She quickly tells him that she hasn't found Kim but they are at the hospital, Janet was in an accident. Teri tells Jack everything about Kim calling and as she recites it she starts to get upset. Jack calms her down and asks about Janet. Teri lets him know she is in surgery and Jack asks if she will make it. Teri doesn't know and Jack tells Teri that he is trying to find Kim. The strikes a cord with Teri and she snaps at Jack that she has been out all night trying to find Kim. Jack says she'll have to trust him and he loves her.
Gaines takes Kim in his car and tells Rick and Dan to meet him back at the compound, that's where they'll get their money. Gaines warns them to take another route, they don't want to be a caravan. After he leaves Rick wants to just leave but Dan won't hear of it. They have 20 grand coming and Rick owes him. Dan says they'll just get the money and then they'll split.

Palmer is thumbing through a speech and asks Patti if she is going to get some sleep. She says only if he does but Nicole appears and says she made mochas, who wants one? Palmer thought she went to bed but she says she didn't so Palmer asks for one with 'extra caffeine', but Patti declines. Palmer orders her playfully to go to bed and she agrees and leaves. Palmer goes to join his daughter and Sherry stops him asking if he will tell her about Maureen Kingsly and her story. Palmer thinks Nicole should be prepared for what could happen, the press is going to find out. Sherry thinks she is just so happy right now and David has Carl working on it. They leave it open as Nicole calls him into the kitchen. Nicole is positive that they are going to win but Palmer isn't so sure. He comments that she makes it look like there is nothing to worry about and she says that's because there is nothing to worry about. They both start a thought at the same time and Palmer lets Nicole speak first. She tells him that there are some of their friends flying in tomorrow and he thinks that is great. She asks him what he was going to say and he says nothing.

Jack calls in to CTU and asks Nina how things are. She says that Mason ended the lockdown as soon as they found out where Jack was so he puts her to work. He needs to question this guy that killed the cop, he will need an override from Ryan Sealy at District. She tries to access her computer and finds that she is still locked down. She approaches Tony and asks for the number. He seems unwilling to help so Nina gives him a piece of her mind. She tells him that because of the fact he squealed on them Jack will probably never trust him again she doesn't think she will either. Tony reminds Nina that Jack has been hiding things from them and lying, Nina just asks for the number.
Jack is at the police station asking the guy in charge to question the suspect. The cop says no, but Jack persists, he offers his badge and his gun, he just needs to see him now. When he is denied again Jack tries to go over his head but is informed that the next rank up has already gone home. Jack tries another avenue and asks if he knew officer Hampton, the one that was killed? The sergeant answers yes so Jack tells him that she was helping him investigate a federal case, does he want her death to be in vain? Jack pleads that he just needs a few minutes. The stirs the cop to have them move the suspect to a different room and Jack thanks him. They leave the office and head down the hall but just before Jack is let in, Mason shows up. He tells the cop that 'this man falls under my jurisdiction' and motions to Jack for him to come.

Rick is having second thoughts about handing Kim over to Gaines. Rick thinks they shouldn't have let him take her, there are 2 of them and they have a gun. Rick expresses his concern that he doesn't want Kim to get hurt but Dan tells him to get real. Kim saw their faces and Gaines, she's not walking. Dan says he just wants to 'get paid and get gone' and encourages Rick to forget Kim.

Mason fills Jack in that he is a suspect in the death of Walsh until he can explain why he was at Dunlop Plaza with him. Jack wants to know why he would kill the only ally he has at CTU? Mason doesn't know, why would he turn in his own people? Why would Jack go after Mason? Jack says it was because he was withholding information but Mason says he was following orders which is something that some people take seriously. Jack says that on the other side of the wall there is someone who knows about the Palmer hit and Mason will be seen as impeding the investigation if he doesn't help. Walsh and Baylor were killed because they found information that led Jack to this guy, Jack asks Mason how he wants to play this and Mason replies that he will go in himself. Jack scoffs at this but Mason sees it as a favor for Jack, he's lucky he hasn't already put him in cuffs.

Gaines is, as usual, talking on the phone while he is stopped at red light. Kim, who is bound and gagged, laying in the back, kicks at the window after a truck drives up and stops beside them. She makes enough noise that Gaines notices and pulls his gun on her telling her, impatiently, to stop. He turns back around and drives off, turning right from the left lane and cutting off the truck. He stops the car in a secluded alley and pulls Kim out of the back seat. She puts up a decent fight but he ends up putting her in the trunk.

Palmer makes a call to Maureen and wakes her up. He tells her that they need to talk about these accusations, they need to meet. The decide on the conference room on the third floor and she says she needs to get dressed, she'll be there in 10 minutes.

The police have arrived at the hospital and an officer is questioning Teri and Alan. Teri gives him the information about the owner of the furniture store and her cell rings, it is Jack. He asks if Janet is out of surgery and is told no. Jack tells Teri that he thinks there may be a guy that saw Kim tonight but he doesn't know anything yet. Jack tells Teri that they need to talk to Janet as soon as she is out of surgery and Mason returns to the room, Jack has to go and quickly hangs up. Mason tells Jack that the suspect won't talk to anyone but him. Jack looks unsurprised and asks Mason "Can I go in?" and Mason reluctantly answers yes.

The suspect, Penticoff, is sitting at a table and Jack enters the room. He wanders around and over to the mirror-glass. Jack turns to Penticoff and says that they, in reality, are not alone, he is speaking to everyone. Penticoff says that he thought they were going to talk alone as Jack makes his way back to him. He sits on the edge of the table and speaks quietly to Penticoff who then stands and starts to create a scene. Jack backs him against the wall holding him by the throat and then the mouth. The police enter and pull Jack off as Penticoff yells that he wants a lawyer, he wants his phone call and he is still yelling as Jack is taken out of the room. Jack exits from the other door where Mason is waiting wanting to know what happened. Jack says that he knows something but Mason asks what Jack planned to do about it, beat it out of him? Jack leaves and quickly hides in a stairwell as Penticoff does get his phone call, he is alone and takes a piece of paper out of his mouth, dialing Jack's cell. Jack gets right to the point saying "Tell me about my daughter." Penticoff says that he'll tell when Jack gets him out. He is expecting a call in 20 minutes back where Jack picked him up and if he's not there then they'll know something is wrong, this may be Jacks only opportunity to find Kim. Penticoff reminds Jack that he'd better think of something fast and Jack hangs up. He thinks for a second and then places a call to Nina. He tells her the suspects name and that he needs to get him back to San Fernando Road to answer the phone call. He asks Nina to find all the phone lines in the building but she quickly finds that there are none, just a pay phone up the street that happens to be in service. She says there isn't enough time to get a warrant but Jack doesn't care. She finds another problem, the caller will just hang up when they realize that it is not Penticoff, but Jack assures her they will get Penticoff. Nina asks disbelievingly what Jack is planning, a jailbreak? Jack doesn’t respond.

Jack leaves the stairwell and hears Mason badmouthing him to the officer in charge. Jack runs into another officer and says that he still needs to see Penticoff but the cop isn't letting Jack in that easy. He says that the cop he killed was his partner and Jack apologizes. The cop says that he wants Penticoff to pay and that means a clean bust, since Jack went off on him before he can only go in with him or he doesn't go in at all. Jack is fine with that and they head to the secured area. The enter the room and Penticoff wants Jack to stay away. He tells them he already said that he wouldn't answer any more questions without his lawyer but Jack just laughs and says "you’re lawyer can kiss my ass." At this point the cop has heard enough and reminds Jack that Penticoff killed his partner. Jack turns to the cop and says seedily "I know, I was there. Where were you? Where were you when your partner needed you?" This angers the officer and he attacks Jack and Penticoff gets in the middle of everything. Another cop enters and separates everyone, Penticoff is still yelling. The cop in charge leads Jack out and tells him that he ought to get yourself under control. Back in the cell, Penticoff is sitting on the bed with his hands together. He opens them and exposes a card, gets up and lets himself out with it.

Teri is sleeping in the waiting room but wakes up when Alan appears. He apologizes for waking her up and she says she wasn't sleeping. He brought her a coffee and after sitting there for a few seconds assures Teri that Kim will turn up. Teri asks how Janet is and Alan tells her they are relieving some pressure on her spine, but she'll be okay. He asks if there has been any news from Jack and Teri says he is still looking for Kim. Alan asks if he has resources at the police department and sympathizes with Teri saying that he imagines she wishes Jack were here.

Maureen is getting scanned with a metal detector and after a few seconds Palmer protests but she says it's fine, they're just doing their job. Finally she enters and Palmer asks how long they have known each other? They had helped each other along and has he ever lied to her, embarrassed her? She says that she wishes she hadn't gotten this information but Palmer says that it is just a rumor started by his enemies. She says that's what she thought at first too but then she stops herself. He eggs her on to tell reminding her that he is just an old friend with a career family she just might destroy. She agrees and says there are 2 sources, Dr. Farragamo and one other. Gibson, the boy that died, had scratches on him. Palmer agrees, Nicole tried to fight him off but Patti says that later a boy checked into and ER nearby with similar scratches and the handwriting of the signature matches Keith's. It has been analyzed by an expert. Palmer looks absolutely deadly and says that he doesn't give a damn about her expert, his son did not kill anybody. Maureen is welcome to do what she has to do.

Palmer enters Keith’s room where he is sleeping with the TV on. Palmer stands over him for a minute and then turns the TV off and turns on the light. Keith wakes up confused and then asks if something is wrong. Palmer responds that Keith will have to tell him. He pulls up a chair and asks Keith if he had contact with the boy that raped Nicole that night. Keith asks what brought this up and protests that he wants to leave this in the past. Palmer says he can't, what did he do that night? Keith becomes defiant and tells Palmer that he doesn't think he has the right to ask. Palmer repeats this and Keith says no, he was out of town somewhere and someone had to do something. Palmer says they can deal with his shortcomings as a father later, he wants to know. Keith says that he is not going to answer and this angers Palmer who grabs his arms and demands "You will answer!" A look of comprehension dawns on Palmer as he lets go, stands and leaves.
Mason tells the cop in charge that he wants Bauer handled internally and the cop agrees. The officer that was the partner of officer Hampton enters and hands over some papers. The officer in charge asks what he is still doing here, the computer has him signed out 5 minutes ago. Mason has already left the room.

Teri tells Alan about a letter from school about Kim, the second one. The first Kim had intercepted and Teri had been angry with her, saying things that she shouldn't have. Alan comforts her and Teri remembers that when she said goodnight to Kim she didn't even acknowledge her. She actually remembers thinking that she'd be happy when Kim was out of the house. Teri starts freaking out again and saying they should have waited but Alan says that the only thing they had to go on was the ambulance. He says that he will stay with her until they find Kim and Teri thanks him.

Mason has the computers out and is getting an uplink for the satellite images of the police station to track Jack. They find him and Penticoff walking out and getting into Jacks car. As they drive away they track the car and Mason asks the screen "where are you headed, Jack?"
Jack chirps the tires as they pull into an alley. Jack and Penticoff jog towards the phone and Jack asks who they are. He says he doesn't know, they just tell him what to do and they pay him. The phone rings but when Penticoff picks it up the ringing continues, they find a cell. Nina is on Jack's cell and can't get a trace off of a cell so he hangs up. Gaines is on the phone as Jack and Penticoff listen. Gaines says there has been a change of plans. At the back of the pay phone there are keys and a remote that belong to a car with Nevada plates, 782 MOF parked a few blocks away. Find it with the remote, there's a body in the trunk, get rid of it. Gaines hangs up and they take off, Jack is getting a little panicky and asks whose body is in the trunk? Penticoff doesn't know. They get out onto a bigger road and Jack pops the trunk of the right car with the remote. As they get closer he tells Penticoff to get against the wall with his hands behind his head and don't move. Jack gets to the car and utters "oh my God". It is gruesome with the body in a plastic bag. Jack quickly tries to find a part ha can identify and finds the upper body of a man. More vehicles arrive and Mason appears as Jack gets behind Penticoff. Penticoff asks Jack "I thought we had a deal," and Mason says he's taking Jack in. Jack seems to know how he found him and gives Penticoff up. He tells Mason that he has evidence connected to the Palmer hit and opens the trunk. Mason wants to know what is going on so Jack tells him that there are people within the agency connected with the Palmer hit, that is why Walsh and Baylor were killed. He thought that Mason might be one of them and Jack apologizes if he was wrong but he needs to ID the body. Mason agrees to this and says he will grill Penticoff, leaving Jack with the car with the body. He calls Nina and tells her he's bringing in a male body, they need their best forensic on this. Jack then calls Teri and tells her he will be with her in 10 minutes, he's on his way

Dan and Rick are waiting for Gaines and as he drives up Dan tells Rick to be cool. Gaines pops the trunk and Kim is there as he gets out. Dan turns to Gaines and says that "We'd like our money now if that's like, okay." Gaines just wants to be clear with what happened to the other girl because one of his people says that she was taken to the hospital. Dan responds that maybe she wasn't quite dead and Gaines is angry. He puts on a little demonstration saying "Well, you're either dead or your not dead, there's no such thing as 'sorta dead'. Here, let me show you." And he shoots Dan. Kim is upset about this and Rick doesn't really know how to react. He just looks at Gaines with his mouth open so Gaines says that he's just been promoted, congratulations.

Janet is in a-systole in the operating room as they try and bring her back Alan looks on asking what is going on.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-See if you can detect the sarcasm - I think Teri and Alan could have said the words 'traffic accident' a few more times when they entered the ER
-Way to go nurse! She tells Teri and Alan they can't go down there, but they go anyway and she doesn't try to stop them. It's like "Stop! Or I'll say stop again!" (stolen from a Robin Williams bit)
-What happened to the no cell phone in the hospital rule? There's probably somebody dying somewhere because their equipment is malfunctioning.
-Does Jack ever not drive like a maniac? I think they should do one 'day' where he gets in an accident. That would be pretty real and fathomable the way he drives. It would be a hard plot to sell though.
-Can I get a coffee with extra caffeine? That would be great. In fact, get one for Jack, too. He's gonna need it.
-That had to hurt Tony when Nina said that she probably wouldn't trust him again, not only because she is seeing him but trust is a very important aspect in a job like that.
-So was Jack lying when he told the officer that Hampton was helping him investigate a federal case when she was killed? I mean, she was but did she really know what was going on?
-Dan is a walking, talking don't do drugs commercial. All they need to do is show him and I don't think anyone would get involved.
-Back on Jacks driving, I love how the cold-blooded killer and criminal stops at the red light but I don't think Jack, the good guy, has stopped at one since he was on his way to work. I felt a bit better that he cut the truck off though.
-What was Kim trying to prove with kicking the window? Did she really think the truck driver would hear/see her before Gaines did?
-I know it's 4am but if I were to kidnap someone they would not be tied up in the back seat for anyone to see. Trunk all the way.
-I love how Jack asks Mason for permission to go to talk to Penticoff. Like a kid asking if they can go to McDonalds
-I was surprised to hear Mason bad-mouthing Jack so openly to the cop.
-Jack is all over this. He just is always thinking of the best and sneakiest way to do things. He is very very sneaky (anyone seen Mr. Deeds?)
-I know it was all for the cause but that seriously must have ticked that cop off to try and blame his partners death on him. Ouch.
-Alan and Teri may think Jack has resources at the police department but after this hour, I think not.
-What is with people in this show and looking great right after they wake up? Maureen looks awesome and she just got up 20 minutes ago. Inside 20 minutes for me I'm still walking into things and tripping over cats.
-Palmer is really scary and if I were Keith I would need a change of sheets.
-It's great how Jack tells Mason he's sorry if he was wrong. If, George, if. In other words I don't trust you but I am telling you this to keep my ass out of jail.
-Rick has the best 'fish-out-of-water' look when Gaines kills Dan.
-2 things from the book for this hour. In Jacks testimony he tells exactly what he said to Penticoff, if you want to know "...I told Penticoff that I was going to give him my cell number to call, but he needed to raise hell first, pretend as if I'd whispered a treat to him. So he did."
-also, in case you missed it, in the book Jack states that he took the card from the cop and slipped it to Penticoff himself.
-When Palmer goes to see Keith the time in the split screen says 4:40 but in the bottom left corner where Keith is sleeping the clock radio distinctly says 4:57. Check the pictures if you don't believe me
These are spoiler comments, so don't look if you haven't seen the rest of season 1 and into season 2
-In retrospect, it was really smart for Alan to say he'll stay with Teri, this way he looks like a friend to her. Brilliant Mr. Carol.
-It is interesting for Nina to tell Tony that Jack won't ever trust him again and then at the beginning of season 2 Tony is the only one he trusts...I guess Jack is a forgiver