Written By: Robert Cochrane
Directed By: Winrich Kolbe

Originally Aired 11.27.01
1.4 - One Dead Cop

Janet is laying in the middle of the street. A car drives up and honks at her and yells wondering what she is doing in the middle of the street, is she an idiot? Then an odd-looking character swims in and out of focus. He is walking down the street talking to himself. She looks like she wants to yell for help but can't find her voice. Meanwhile, Kim is being dragged away by Rick and Dan. They are trying to cover her mouth so she can't scream and she bites the hand over her mouth. She is upset over them leaving Janet and says that they have to go back. Dan says that she is dead and Kim argues that he doesn't know that. Dan tosses Kim in the van and Rick tells him to be careful. Dan tells Rick he needs to decide what side he is on.

3:03 CTU
Jack approaches Nina and tries to talk to her. He only gets her name out before she is walking away. He catches up with her and says that he knows that she is upset. She says that yes, indeed she is upset. She thinks that he should have trusted her. Jack tells Nina what Walsh had told him about the key card and that Walsh was killed because he knew people within the agency were behind the hit on Palmer. Jack tells Nina that Jamey has the card and Nina asks him if he trusts Jamey. Jack says he trusts Nina, and Walsh trusted Jamey so the three of them have to work in confidence together. Before he goes he asks Nina if she is okay and she, after some hesitation, says yes.

Palmer makes a call to Carl wondering if he's found anything yet about Keith. Carl tells David that is has only been half and hour and the stuff that he needs to do to get answers involves him going places, not making calls. Palmer accepts this and hangs up. Sherry appears and starts asking him where he went before. Palmer says he just needed to get away from everything for a while. She doesn't like this answer but asks him if he knows there has been an assassination threat. A smile crosses his face and asks if that is what all the fuss is about. He seems relived and says that he thought it was something serious.

Tony has found something an irregularity in the passenger list from the plane. One document stated and empty seat in first class, but another says that there were no empty seats, in fact a waiting list was being taken. Nina is working with Jamey and she calls Jack over to them. Jamey has managed to decrypt 1 sector of the key card with an address: 18166 San Fernando Road. Jack wants to know how Palmer is connected to the address and wants Jamey to check if he’s been there or pretty much anyone he ever met has been there. Jamey says it will take time and Jack says that they have none. Tony is watching them very closely and Jack asks Jamey if they are talking minutes or hours for the next level. Jamey says that it will be hours most likely. Jack decides to go and check the address himself and Nina asks if he needs backup. He says he needs her here and starts to leave.

Jamey goes to continue and she can't get into the encryption software. Nina picks up the phone and says that they are down too. They realize that this is a lockdown as it appears on the giant monitors around them. Jack, realizing that Mason is there, says to hide the key card and takes off. Nina greets Mason and she gets cranky with Mason and asks him if they can't find anything better to do. Mason says 2 agents died tonight and this is standard procedure.

Meanwhile, Jack is trying to get out to check the address. He comes to a corner and sees an agent guarding the door. Jack collects his thoughts and heads around the corner. The agent says that they are in lockdown and nobody gets to leave. Jack says he just has to get some work from his car and the agent says no. Jack offers to give him his keys and then drops them. When the guard looks down at them falling, Jack takes to opportunity to punch him in the stomach, pick up his keys and get out.

Mason is briefing the CTU employees about what happens in a lockdown and Nina approaches Tony. She asks him if he called them in and he admits, almost proudly, that he did. Tony says that he called them because Jack was out of control. 2 agents were shot this evening and Jack was there. Nina defends Jack and says that he had nothing to do with it. She presses Tony and says that she would hate to think it has anything to do with her and Jack. Tony tells her to think what she wants about it.

One of the secret service agents is talking to Palmer. They don't think that he appreciates the severity of the threat against him. There is a group overseas that wants him dead. The agent brings up the blown up 747 and says that they may have been linked to him. When the agent says they do not know for sure, Palmer asks him flat out what he does know for sure and the agent just says that these are serious people that want him dead today. Palmer takes it well and then asks about his family. The agent reiterates that the threat is against Palmer but they will beef up security on his family too. The agent presses Palmer to change his schedule for the day, first of all to cancel a breakfast that he had been planning. Palmer disagrees and says that he it going. Keith enters the room and Palmer asks him what he is doing up. Keith replies that if he is not sleeping by 3, he’s not sleeping. He asks his dad if he wants to watch some TV and Palmer asks if there is anything on at 3am. Keith replies "nothing good" and David takes a pass.

The Dan-Mobile
Kim wants to go back and get Janet. She is begging the guys to turn around and go get her. Dan and Rick say no and that she's probably dead. Kim shoots out the questions "what if she’s not?" and this causes Dan to think. He stops the van and turns around deciding that they need to go back and make sure Janet is indeed dead. Dan thinks out loud and Kim starts to panic again. Dan has heard enough and he tells Rick to tie Kim up. Kim starts to put up a pretty good fight and Dan starts to chuckle that maybe she is going to tie Rick up. This angers Rick and he slaps Kim to make her be quiet. This makes her stop yelling but start crying.

Alan and Teri are heading to try and find the girls. As Alan speeds around the corner a cop pulls out into pursuit of them. Alan is obviously mad about this and when they stop he immediately tries to get out of the car to tell what is happening. The cop doesn't care he tells Alan to stay in the car and he asks for his license and registration. Terri pipes up and asks him to verify the 911 call she made a while ago. He goes to do this but Alan follows him and just wants him to let them go, just write them the ticket. The officer becomes angered as well and arrests Alan. While they wait the Dan-Mobile drives by.

3:27 - CTU
Mason is questioning Nina as to if she knew that Walsh and Scott Baylor were killed and Jack was there when it happened. Nina admits nothing and threatens Mason as well saying she will use the information she found through Jack. Mason scoffs at the threat, saying that is nothing, Jack is going down, in fact he knows about the affair they had, apparently Jack talks about it all the time. Mason asks "True love is a beautiful thing, but why go to extremes?" Nina doesn't believe anything that Mason is saying but he asks how else he would know about it? Mason goes on to further hack Jack by telling Nina that he is not the shining knight she thinks he is and again asking where he is.

Jack is driving and checks the address again. We see a split screen where he calls Terri, but just before the call makes it through she gets out of the car. Instead he leaves a message. Jack finds his destination and sneaks around looking for a way in. He finds a door and draws his gun. As he enters he finds a guy and tells him not to move but he takes off anyway firing at Jack. An officer outside hears the shots and calls for backup. The guy Jack is chasing leaves the building and runs right by the cop. She tries to make him stop but he enters the other building as Jack exits the first one. She yells at him to get down on his knees as he yells that he is a federal agent. She asks for his badge, "nice and slow", and Jack obliges, dictating that he is putting his gun down and reaching for his badge which he throws in her general direction. She looks down and replies "CTU, What the hell is that?" Jack doesn't have time to wait and says he is government and that this guy isn't waiting around for him so she needs to either shoot him or help him but hurry up and decide. She gives him the go and he picks up his things and warns her to be careful with her gun, he needs this guy alive. Jack asks her if she has a flashlight and she follows Jack into the building as they try and quietly find him. Terri picks up the phone and calls Jack and this attracts attention and he turns it off without answering as they take cover and the guy shoots at them. They keep going and her radio starts to squawk and Jack tells her to turn it off and says that he wishes she hadn't called for backup, cops have to play by the rules and he plans on breaking a few with this one. She wants to know who it is but gets no answer from Jack.

Mason is still talking to Nina and trying to get information about Jack. She lets him know that it is none of his business but he presses on asking why she never went anywhere in the agency. He informs her it is because she is known as Jack's flunky, his lapdog, and Jack does what he wants, when he wants, in fact he is a loose cannon. This time he has left Nina holding the bag and she is still covering up for him.
Jack and his new officer friend are still looking for the guy. They hear someone and it is a janitor who they tell in Spanish to get down, with the officer doing the Spanish-speaking. They tell him to stay there until they get back as the shooter takes a few more shots at them.

The Dan-Mobile
Kim is begging through the tape covering her mouth not to do this. They think that maybe Janet is already dead and Rick suggests that they put her in the van. Dan says no as he maneuvers the van slowly towards her and points a gun out the window. Just as they arrive an ambulance drives up and they take off.

3:40 - CTU
Nina leaves Masons office and Jamey is watching. Jamey is going to have to talk to Mason and Nina reminds her that Jack made it clear that the three of them work in confidence but Jamey is confused, doesn't Mason supersede Jack? Nina reminds her that their orders come from Walsh and Mason will say anything to try and make her talk. He encourages her to not be intimidated by Mason.
Jack and the officer are heading up some stairs and Jack is clearly in charge as they follow the footsteps that they hear. The steps break into a run and Jack concludes that he is going to the other building.

Palmer is being informed on the phone that they got a name for the source, George Farragamo. Palmer looks unhappy with this news, like he is unsure what to do next so he leaves and goes to Sherry. She thinks he has been spending a lot of time behind closed doors and making phone calls so he tells her what he knows. Sherry looks shocked and Palmer says he has new evidence, Farragamo is saying that Keith confessed to him in therapy. Sherry doesn't believe it and asks David if he thinks Keith could really be a killer?
Finally the officer hears that there was indeed a 911 call and he un-cuffs Alan who is unhappy to be released calling the cop an idiot and drives away.

There is now a helicopter outside where Jack and the officer are and she says that is her backup. He sends her down to keep them out and reminds her not to hit the guy. As an afterthought Jack adds "Don't hit me either." She starts away and Jack spots the suspect but the chopper sees Jack and puts the spotlight on him. The voice speaks saying "This is the police, drop you weapon." But Jack doesn't comply and jumps into a stack of junk to get out of the line of fire. The officer runs into the custodian again and as she speaks to him the suspect grabs her. He yells for Jack to come and get him if he wants him as she yells that he will kill both of them. They both hold their positions as Jack arrives and he spots them. He tells the suspect that he will drop the gun, just relax. He starts to quickly speak Spanish to the officer telling her that when the gun hits the ground, move. The suspect yells to speak English and calls Jack an asshole. He says he is putting it down and as he does the officer jumps out of the way. Shots are fired and Jack charges the guy and roughs him up, asking her to toss him her cuffs. Jack looks down and sees she is bleeding, just saying "Oh my God." As he continues to rough the guy up.

Terri and Alan ask a homeless person on the street what happened here as they see an ambulance leaving. They inform her that one of their children may have been involved but her best response is that they shouldn't have let their children come down here. They manage to extract from her that St. Marks is the closest hospital, the girl was alone but she didn't look good.

Gaines shows up and he checks on Kim, asking where 'the other one' is. Dan, like a big man, says that she was a problem and they killed her. Gaines wants to know about the body but Dan is confident that no one will find it. Gaines turns to Kim and says she is with him now and if she's good she'll be back at the mall in a day or two but if she's bad, she won't

Jamey heads to talk to Mason, whom she shuts down right away saying she knows nothing. Mason calls her naive and then goes through the list of things that Jack and Nina have done with her for her to help them and he tells her she is being used and he has seen it a million times. Mason takes a minute to answer the phone and is informed that Jacks name popped up on a police frequency, not that he is surprised. Nina asks if Jack is in trouble but the only answer she gets from Mason is "Off the record, what's so special about Jack Bauer?"

The officer that was shot is being loaded into the ambulance, she is dead. Meanwhile there is a call coming in over the radio that sounds a lot like Janet’s. Another officer gives Jack his wallet back and says that everything checked out, which is no surprise. Jack asks what her name was and is informed it was Jesse. The officer wants to know if Jack knows anything about this guy and Jack doesn't, but he needs to take him in for questioning. The officer isn't about to let him go and tells Jack that maybe he didn't notice, but he just killed a cop. Jack is sympathetic but urges to officer saying there is something else at stake here. Jack will settle for a few minutes and the cop leave him be as Jack approaches the suspect and tells him to get up. Jack tries to bargain with him offering to help him out if he tells him who he is. The suspect, who is quite young, begs Jack not to let them take him "If they do, I'm dead."
Jack: "They seem in control."
Suspect "I'm not worried about them."
J "Who?"
S "First you spring me, then I talk."
J "Not gonna happen."
S "That's too bad...Bauer."
Jack flies off the handle at him knowing who he is, pushes him against the wall asking "How do you know my name?" just as the officer arrives to collect the suspect. He is being taken away and tells Jack "I know more than that, if you ever want to see your daughter again get me out." At this Jack tries to attack him yelling "What do you know about my daughter?" with more cops holding him back. Eventually Jack gives up, saying he is fine but he is visibly upset and worried. Jack is let go and he runs to his car and drives away, leaving the officers car where she originally parked it.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

-so it's pretty obvious, to me at least, that Janet is hurt. So what is the problem with the guy in the car. He drives by and yells at her. What's the story? If you're not gonna stop, at least don't yell.
-Upon reflection, the Nina-Jack-Jamey triangle is really interesting. The irony abounds that the 2 spies are the 2 people that are first trusted buy the guy that they are ultimately after.
-So why did Walsh trust Jamey so much? In the book we learn that he helped her out to get a job at CTU and got her off the streets etc. I guess that would do, but it is really misplaced trust
-The funniest thing yet was when Palmer finds out that it is 'only' an assassination threat. He looks completely relieved. I understand that power figures must get these often but the look of relief is so good.
-When the lockdown starts Jack is really doing his best "deer in headlights' impression.
-Tony just fesses up like that. Painful... I would hate to see him under pressure
-The conversation between Palmer and Keith about "watching some tube" was wonderful. It showed that Palmer can still be a normal guy even though he likely would be the next US president.
-I really can't see Jack loosely talking about him and Nina's relationship the way Mason implies. I really can't see Jack doing anything casually but he also just seems like a secretive guy that doesn't bring stuff like that up. Really, can we picture him standing around the coffee pot bragging to Mason that he stayed at Nina's last night? I think not.
-The only thing that ran through my mind every time I saw Mason was "what a dick"
-I am completely unsurprised that Mason is divorced. Especially with a line like "Love is a beautiful thing but why go to extremes"
-Sutherland plays "absolutely desperate Jack" perfectly.
-The lapdog comment - ouch. I would have slapped him for a comment like that.
-So if Keith saw Dr. Farragamo as a therapist and then Farragamo squealed, doesn't that breach the doctor-patient relationship? I hope it does.
Body Count - 390 + 1 (Jesse Hampton) = 391