Written by: Joel Surnow & Michael Loceff
Directed By: Stephen Hopkins

Originally Aired 11.20.01
1.3 - Keycard

Jack is driving towards CTU. He looks a bit confused and out of it. He turns a corner, stops the car and makes a call. He gives the guy on the other end of the phone is authorization - Bauer, 4393 CTU. Jack pulls the thumb out and scans and sends the print. We get to see another satellite shot like in the pilot episode and the guy says that he will get back to Jack as soon as possible.

The Store
Alan and Teri leaving the furniture store. Teri tells Jack that she talked to Kim and Jack looks genuinely relieved. Teri expresses her worries to Jack about Kim telling her that she loved her. Jack says that Kim just said it because she knows what kind of trouble she is in and she is just trying to "reduce the sentence". Jack wants to know if they are going to pick the girls up and Teri says no. Jack is angry with this. Jack suggests that Teri and Alan stay until the girls get back because they probably wont be in any state to drive when they get back. Teri tells Jack that Alan doesn't think it is a good idea to stay. Jack tells Teri to put Alan on the phone. Teri seems to know that there is a nasty confrontation approaching and practically begs Jack not to do this. When he becomes angrier and demands he talk to Alan, Teri has little choice but to pass the phone over to Alan. As Alan picks up a group of people drive by yelling and throwing something out the window of the car. Jack suggests to Alan that the two of them stay there until the girls get back because they are in a pretty tough neighborhood and they don't want any trouble when they finally do arrive. Alan semi-reluctantly agrees to stay and Jack thanks him.

Gaines's Place
Gaines is really angry at Mandy. He is quite pissed off because he has to fork out an extra million dollars to Mandy's mystery friend who will not give them the ID. He threatens to withdraw the first million dollars if the ID doesn't show up. Gaines takes a walk out on to the deck and runs into the Martin-Alike who is waiting outside. He tells Gaines that he has to get going soon and Gaines assures him that it will be just a little longer.

At Palmers hotel, Sherry wants to know what the big deal is. She tells the secret service agent that there have been many threats do David along the way, why is this one any different. The agent assures her that they would not be there unless the threat came from a valid source. Keith arrives again from a search for Palmer. He is about to turn around and leave the room and he is stopped by 2 agents and his mother. They are treating the threat as one against the whole family. He reluctantly agrees to stay and lets Sherry take the keys from him

The Dan-Mobile
Dan and Rick show up at lot, and Dan has Gaines on the phone. Rick is worried about Janet and says that she is in a lot of pain, Dan gets an attitude and asks Rick if he wants to take her to the hospital and get x-rays. Rick wants to give her something but Dan refuses to "waste his stash on her". Rick turns back to Kim who is comforting Janet in the back of the van. Kim asks him if Dan is the boss and he just does whatever he says. This seems to stir something in Rick and he breaks out the stash to get something for Janet. Dan comes over to Rick and tries to get him to stop. Rick shoves Dan away and tells him not to press him. Dan becomes very angry and says that he never should have used him. Rick gets the concoction going and Kim starts to question him, asking if that is what he is going to give her. Rick asks Kim if she wants him to take the pain away or not, so Rick proceeds to inject Janet and she passes out while Kim looks away.

2:14 - Palmer
David is driving and he pulls into a parking lot. There are two young men there with a baseball bat breaking headlights and whatever else they can find. Palmer gets out of his car and the guy with the bat tells Palmer that you have to pay to park here, $100. Palmer asks him if he is the attendant and the guy takes a swing at Palmer with the bat. Palmer catches it before it hits him, with very little effort. The second guy looks stunned and then recognizes Palmer. He states a very articulate sentence where he calls Palmer "that dude". Palmer denies being himself but the guy persists. He says he’s seen him on TV. The guy with the bat calls Palmer Mr. President and wants to know what Palmer is going to do for him. Palmer goes ahead and diagnoses this guys problem. He tells him that instead of waiting for someone to do something for him, to do something for himself. Palmer tells him that he will be dead in 5 years if he keeps this up and the guy responds by breaking his window and leaves, proud of himself. Palmer is left standing there, picking the splinters out of his hand.

Jack enters CTU and phones Nina without being seen. He tells her that he is a block away and that the wants her to meet him in his office with the passenger list that Tony had been working on. She goes and gets the list from Tony and goes upstairs. He watches her leave and then goes to Jamey. He sits down and tells her to keep working. Jack first breaks the news that Walsh is dead. He apologizes and tells her that he knows what Walsh meant to her. Jack tells Jamey that Walsh said she was the only person that they can trust. He gives her they key card and tells Jamey that they need to be absolutely sure it came from Nina’s computer. When she asks him, he tells her they need to know because the person who created it is the dirty agent. Jamey says that she will need a few minutes at Nina's computer to be absolutely sure. Jack says he also needs the information off of the disk before Palmers day starts, which is at 6. Jack gets up and starts to head upstairs but before he could make it he is stopped by Tony who asks, concernedly, if he cut himself. Jack looks down at the side of his hand and starts to try and hide it by buttoning the cuffs of his shirt. He replies with a yeah, and then asks Tony what he is working on. Tony says he just gave Nina the passenger list and he is just crosschecking now. Jack leaves Tony and heads up to his office, trying to wipe the blood off his hand on the railing on the way. When he enters his office, Jack asks Nina if there is anything unusual about the passenger list. Nina says there was one "red flag" in first class. Nina starts to get on Jack about not checking in with her or telling her where he is. She says that she can't help him if he doesn't let her. Jack is trying to watch Jamey at Nina's workstation and not give anything away. He asks Nina if she thinks it is possible that someone inside the agency is behind the hit on Palmer. Nina replies that anything is possible and asks Jack if he has a lead. She looks slightly less composed as she asks this and he watches Jamey on Nina’s computer. Jack replies that he doesn't really have a lead, and then says flat out no. She busts him again for lying and tries to prod him to tell her and she'll help him work it up. When he doesn't really give her an answer, she becomes somewhat angry and starts to leave, saying that it is obvious that he doesn't need anything else from her. Jamey turns around and shakes her head no at Jack so he stops Nina before she can leave his office. He asks her if she is still seeing Tony to keep her there. She is really mad now and asks Jack "What is this?". She becomes really defensive now and thinks that Jack is asking to find out if she is over him. Jack says that is not the reason he asked, he was just trying to figure out why Tony was giving him such a hard time. Jacks phone rings and it is Jamey. She tells Jack that she is 100% sure that the card came from Nina's computer. Jack looks right at Nina and then recovers quickly from this blow. He hangs up the phone and tells Nina it was division wanting the passenger list. Nina storms out and tells him as she leaves that his wife called. After she leaves Jack's expression changes to looking very distraught. The phone rings again, but this time it is the result of the thumb print that Jack sent. The information is not good. Either the person that it came from does not exist or their record has been wiped.

Gaines's Place
We learn that the girl with Mandy is named Bridget. Bridget seems to think it was a good idea to get another million from Gaines, but Mandy is unconvinced. Bridget says that money doesn't mean anything to these people, but Mandy counters that that is all that matters. Bridget convinces Mandy that this is a good idea and they kiss. Mandy leaves to go tell Gaines that they will need another million.

The Dan-Mobile
Janet is awake. Kim wants to know what she remembers, but it doesn't seem to be much. Janet asks where Dan is and Kim fills her in that Dan broke her arm. Janet says no he didn't, then maybe starts to believe Kim. They get out of the van and start running away. Kim is leading Janet around out of the trouble and the guys realize they are gone and start running after them.

There are workers at CTU leaving Jacks office as Jamey gets there. She shuts the door to his office and they start to talk about Nina. Jamey wants to shut off her access but Jack is reluctant to take such drastic measures. Jamey asks Jack if he was seeing Nina and now it is Jack's turn to get defensive. He seethes at her that it is none of her business, but she holds her ground and says that in this situation it is. Jack backs down and says yes, he was seeing Nina. Jamey takes it one step further and asks Jack if he told Nina anything he shouldn't have. He tells Jamey that he trusted Nina with everything that came through CTU, but he doesn't think he told her anything top secret. Jack agrees that her access should be shut off and Jamey goes to do it. They agree not to say anything about it to anyone.

The Dan-Mobile - sort of
The Girls are escaping from Rick and Dan. They get trapped in between 2 buildings and there they find 2 other guys, a younger one is trying to make a deal of some sort and the other wants no part of it. The older guy leaves and the girls hide. When Dan and Rick ask the younger guy if he saw the girls he says yes, they went the opposite direction. When Dan and Rick leave Kim starts talking and tells the guy that they need to get to a phone. He replies that they have to pay him the money they just lost him. He grabs Kim’s purse and goes through it. He takes Janet’s necklace and leaves. The girls start to leave the alley and they see one of the guys and go back.

Palmer is waiting in a parking lot in his car. He gets out when a guy comes downstairs. His name is Carl and he has just been woken up by Palmer. Palmer divulges to Carl that Maureen Kingsly, who is a reporter, is going to reveal that his son killed a man that raped his daughter. Carl tries to calm Palmer by telling him that this is a campaign stunt by a competitor. Palmer says that it is dirty politics and he doesn't think it is fair to put his family through this again. He doesn't care about any of the politics, Palmer just wants it fixed. Carl says that he will get on it and find out where this story came from and put a stop to it. There is a car approaching and Carl asks if it is for Palmer, who says yes and tells Carl to get out of there. When they pull up Palmer goes with the agents who are there to get him.

2:41 The Girls
Kim and Janet are in a building and they are still running from Dan and Rick. They are looking for a way out but decide to go back and wait for Dan and Rick to leave. They hear the guys on the way and try and hide. When they go around a corner they find the same guy that they had met outside. They have stumbled into his home. He tells them that they are in his space and they ask him for help. He offers to sell them some dope, but this is not quite what they are looking for. They need a phone. He becomes agitated with them and pulls a knife on Kim. He asks her what her designer jeans are worth - "5 bills?", and then her shoes, another "buck fifty?" He asks her if they want to turn some tricks while he goes and snuggles with daddy in the foothills? He turns away from them and tells them to go away. Kim is trying to be a hero and tells him that they have been kidnapped and Janet’s arm is broken. He has no sympathy for them and simply says "welcome to the neighborhood". When they press him about there being another exit he yells at them to go away

2:43 CTU
Nina is getting a coffee and Jack leaves his office and goes to her. He gets really close and whispers to her "How long have you been playing me?" Nina plays dumb and Jack throws her into a chair. She asks him what he is doing and Jack pulls the card from his pocket. He just shows it to her and says "why don't you tell me about this?" Nina just replies "tell you what, Jack?" and he tells her what they know about the card, Jack accuses Nina of smuggling information out of CTU and she accuses him of being delirious. He asks her who she works for. She tells him that she works for him. The question and answer get repeated until he yells it at her and she yells back. Jack tells Nina that the card came from her computer and she denies doing anything and tells Jack that she is angry that he would think she did.

Gaines's Place
Gaines uses a computer to transfer another million to Mandy and Bridget. They agree that they will go and get the ID, just the three of them. Gaines gets patted down and they head out.

The Girls
Kim asks Janet how her arm is and Janet replies that it is okay if she doesn't move it. They see Dan behind a curtain and they hide from him. He starts to talk saying that he knows they are in there, he can smell the perfume. As he walks away from them they go out the door and make it outside. They are in an alley and see a guy by a car, on a cell phone. Kim approaches him and asks if he can give them a ride. She says that he will be paid for the ride and he asks to see the money. Kim says that she doesn't have it now, but her parents will give him whatever when they get home. He says he runs a cash up front business so they ask if they can at least use his phone. He says okay and then grabs Kim. Just as he gets a hold of her, the strange young man from inside the warehouse hits him on the head and yells at Kim and Janet to take the phone and run. They do and not too long after the owner of the phone recovers and starts to beat up the guy from inside the warehouse. Dan and Rick show up and the guy from inside tells the girls to run and they do, with Dan and Rick in hot pursuit.

2:53 - CTU
Tony approaches Jamey and says that he just saw a memorandum about Walsh. Jamey says that can't be, he was just here an hour ago. Jamey does a good job of looking surprised and Tony wants her to try and find out what happened. She is busy, but opens up his terminal so he can try and find out for himself. Nina and Jack are heading upstairs and Jamey is watching. Jack calls Jamey and asks her if she has the information yet. Jamey says she needs another few minutes and he tells her to come up when she is done. Tony is watching them very closely.

Gaines, Mandy and Bridget are in the middle of nowhere getting the ID. Bridget uses the same device that she did when she picked up the card in the desert and finds it. She gives it to Gaines and he thanks them and goes to leave. Mandy and Bridget take each others hands and then there are gunshots. Bridget is killed and Mandy is spared for now. Gaines asks her again if she would be interested in another job for him and she, with tears falling, says yes. Gaines calls of the sniper and the two of them get back in his car. Gaines tells Mandy that she had no choice.

2:56 - CTU
Jamey is in Jacks office with Nina and Jack. She says that the key card definitely came from Nina’s computer. She has tracked the date as January 14th. The log in was at 10:14pm, 20 minutes were spent gathering data with 7 minutes to burn the card and logout came at 10:41. Jamey says that more specifics about it can be found. Nina looks puzzled and then reminds Jack that January 14th is the second weekend in January. A look of comprehension crosses Jacks face and the tells Jamey that she can go. Jack closes the door behind Jamey and stays facing it. He looks troubled and finally turns and says that the second weekend in January was the weekend they were in Santa Barbara together. Jack formulates that someone must have hacked her login code and was in her system. Nina, on the other hand, doesn't really seem to care. She is really angry with Jack for accusing her of this and tells him that he was "way off on this one". She pulls out a "how could you" and he starts to apologize as she walks away out of his office and down the stairs. She is obviously angry and Tony notices. Tony picks up the phone and calls division to inform them that Jack needs to be relieved of his command.

The Girls
Kim calls Teri and tells her the truth about what happened. She tells Teri they are in North Hollywood behind a place called Plats Auto body. Kim and Janet hear the guys coming and hangs up. Teri calls 911 to get a policeman over there and Janet and Kim start to run away. Janet runs ahead of Kim and yells for her to follow. As Kim turns, Janet is hit by a Camaro, she was standing in the middle of the street. Kim runs to Janet and is crying, she is unconscious. The boys arrive and take Kim away, leaving Janet. Kim is putting up a good fight but Dan and Rick are stronger. Janet is still laying in the middle of the street, but her eyes open as the show ends.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-Jack is such the protective husband and father. His reaction when Teri tells him that they talked to the girls and they are not going to pick them up was totally believable for Jack. Also, he is protective of Teri and possibly a little jealous that Alan can be there with Teri while they wait for Kim and he can't. The tone of voice when he says Alan’s name was enough to make me shiver. Pure loathing in the sentence "Well, why don't you put Alan on the phone." Teri’s reaction to this was enough for the viewers to know that he is protective, begging Jack not to do this.
-I don't think Jack needs to tell Alan that they are in a rough neighborhood, he just almost got a bottle thrown at his head.
- that was a good pick-up by Jack about Kim telling Teri that she loves her to reduce the sentence, too bad he's dead wrong
-What was the story with the agent at the door at the Palmers hotel room. He just stood in the doorway while Keith threatened to leave. It reminded me of the guards at Buckingham Palace.
-I would REALLY like to know what the connection is with Walsh, Jack and now Jamey. Jack tells Jamey that he knows how much Walsh meant to her. Well, could you tell us Jack? I mean, this could have just been a working relationship, but it seems like there was something more than that. This never gets cleared up as far as I can remember.
-While I'm on the topic of not cleared up, I think we can safely assume that Nina did not burn the key card unless Jack got totally hosed and passed out before the evening even started in Santa Barbara so Nina had time to get back to CTU and do it. The only other person we know was working for the bad guys was Jamey. So, was it her? It doesn't seem like it could have been, I don't think she was that far into the plan. So if it wasn't Jamey and it wasn't Nina, who was it? There still might be a missing link here from inside CTU.
- I just love how Tony casually asks Jack "hey, did you cut yourself?" as he is walking past him. That doesn't look like a paper cut or something, I really don't think I'd be that casual.
-It was pretty priceless when Jack is walking up the stairs trying to wipe the blood off his hand onto the railing. I think that looks a little more suspicious than if it is on his hand. Couldn't he find a tissue?
-Kim is SO written as Jack's daughter. She is always making plans of action with Janet to get out, when she said to Janet "stay with me" it was really Jackish (is that a legit word? it is now!)
-Janet got over that seizable hit really fast. We're talking like 20 minutes or less. What kind of crappy drugs are those?
-Carl and Palmer are really funny. The best part of their conversation is when Carl says to David that he has his principles and he sticks with them, "that’s why I love you". That really made me smile.
-Palmer is really mad, and rightly so. I would not want to cross him.
-Carl looks quite composed for just getting out of bed at 2 in the morning. Does he not own sweats?
-It was a really well scripted confrontation between Jack and Nina, right from the start when he walks up to her and whispers in her ear to when he is screaming at her "who are you working for?"
-When Jack is quietly asking Nina who she works for, it is way more effective for me than when he yells it at her.
-The look on that kids face when Palmer caught the bat as it was flying at him was priceless. Sign that actor up.
Body Count = 1 (Bridget) = 390