Written By:
Joel Surnow & Michael Loceff
Directed By
Stephen Hopkins

Originally Aired 11.13.01
1.2 - Kidnapped


1:02 - Mojave Desert
There is a parachutist coming in to land. It is Mandy, the jumper from the 747. She lands in a ring of red lights and takes off her helmet.

Nina is trying to get Walsh on the phone and he is not answering. Jack tells her to contact him as soon as she finds Walsh.
Tony is working on his computer with a list of the crew on the plane. Jack instructs him to get information and background on all of them. As Jack walks away, Tony wants to know what is going on around CTU tonight. Jack replies with a pretty level head by saying, you mean besides a 747 falling out of the sky and an attempt on the life of a presidential candidate? Tony says yes, he wants to know what happened with Mason. Why he was in Jacks office for half and hour and came out with a limp. Nina jumps in and says "why don't you tell him Jack" and he actually looks afraid, like she is going to back him into a corner. With quite an audience of workers, Nina tells a story about Mason being close to the guys that Jack brought down and he wanted revenge. She said that Mason had dirt on Jack and others in the office. Tony responds with a lame "I'll get the lists to you within the hour" and the coworkers move along. As Jack joins Nina at a desk, he tells her that that was "quite a story"

The Desert.
Mandy has a roaring fire going already and we can hear a car coming as she is getting changed. She pulls Martins card out of her pocket and looks at it. Then she puts it in a small device and buries it in the sand. A jeep pulls up and the man inside asks her if she got the ID. Mandy says yes and the jeep pulls away. Just after a motorbike pulls up and the person gets off of it and pulls out a tracking device. They follow the little dot until they are standing over it. They pull out the device and leave.

Jack is in his office and Tony comes over and starts a conversation with Nina. He says she really came to Jacks rescue with her little performance and that he remembers before when Nina lied to everyone about himself and her coming in together one morning. Tony says that he was impressed by her abilities as a liar then. She tries to play it cool and Tony says that he just might ask Mason what happened. She tells him to get back to work.

The Store
Teri and Alan pull up to the store and find Janet's Aztec outside. As they head inside Jack calls Teri and she quickly ends the conversation and hangs up on Jack. They are calling out trying to find the kids and Alan comes back downstairs saying that they were here. He has an empty condom package in his hand.

The Dan-Mobile
Janet is not a happy person right now, she is pretty out of it. Kim asks Dan what he gave her and Dan responds "Nothing she didn't want" Kim sits back and starts talking. She says that her Dad is a government agent and if she is not home in like half and hour, the guys are "toast".

The Warehouse
Walsh is at a warehouse and there is a very tense looking guy there named Scott. Scott is having second thoughts about what he is about to do. He says that is family was on a plane the minute he stumbled on this information and he is very anxious to join them. He gives Walsh a key card that is used to get in and out of restricted areas of CTU. The strip holds all kinds of information about Palmer and references to all kinds of sinister plans. Walsh tells Scott that he needs to be accessible to them so they can question him about it. Scott says that he will be around for another 24 hours and then he is on a plane. Just after he says this there are shots fired from behind them. Scott is hit and killed and Walsh is hit in the hand.

Jack is on the phone with some of Palmers people and he is trying to convince them that this is a legitimate threat on the Senator's life. His other phone rings and he answers it after he hangs up with Palmers people. It is Walsh and he tells Jack that he has 2 or more shooters after him. Jack suggests another agent could get there before Jack since he is in the area but Walsh insists that Jack comes. Walsh tells Jack not to tell anyone what he is doing because they still don't know who they can trust. Jack and Walsh agree to meet on the roof and just before they hang up there is another gun shot heard. Jack looks concerned and heads out.
Jack gives Teri a call. Teri says that the girls may have left with the boys. Jack says that there is a lot of things happening tonight, and Teri says that yes, their daughter is missing. Jack assures Teri that they are not missing, they are partying. He tells Teri that Kim knows her limits and Teri tells Jack to call her when he is done with his emergency.

The Dan-Mobile
Rick seems to feel it is time to repent for his sins. He tells Kim that they really aren't bad guys and that they have to do this stuff. Kim thinks this may be a fraternity stunt and offers to say whatever they need to in order to be set free. Janet starts choking in the front seat and is not breathing. Kim gets freaked out and Rick tries to help. Dan promptly tells Rick to not be a "bitch" and when the dust settles Kim knows that she is in trouble.

Palmer's Place
The Senator is watching the wreckage of the plane on the TV. He is looking stressed out already and to add to it he starts to wonder aloud why their kids aren't back from the rally that they were at. His wife says that they went for pizza and he takes the opportunity to apologize for walking away from her earlier. She wants to know what Maureen Kingsly had to say. He blows it off and says that this day is the second most important day of his life. She asks him what the first one was and he says she knows. When she presses him to say it, he says it was the day he sunk the 3 ball to win a basketball game. She tells him jokingly that he has lost her vote.

We get to meet Gaines doing what he does most of the time - talking on the phone. He appears to be orchestrating everything that he is going to be doing. Mandy shows up and while he is on the phone, Gaines gives Mandy the money for the card. He starts talking to Mandy like he might have a job for her in the future and she is uninterested. She says she is going to take a break for a while. Gaines asks when he will get the ID and Mandy replies soon.

The Warehouse
Jack shows up at the warehouse and calls Nina. He asks her if it is a secure line and she offers to transfer the call to one. He says he doesn't have time, he needs the entry code to the warehouse that he is at. While they discuss his location, he cocks his gun and adds a silencer. Nina starts to give him a bad time for not checking in with her before he left and he just tells her he had to take care of something. She gives Jack the entry code (91367*) and he enters and hangs up. Tony pulls up a transcript of the call at CTU and reads it.

1:29 The Warehouse
Jack is climbing the stairs to the roof to meet Walsh. He looks tired, but he is still being careful. Jack arrives on the roof and he starts silently looking for Walsh. Walsh pops out from behind a pillar and gets Jacks attention. Jack looks relived to see him and asks Walsh how high this conspiracy goes. Walsh tells Jack the he doesn't know and they head down the stairs.

Gaines' Place
Mandy is in the bathroom washing up and someone comes in. He looks just like Martin the photographer from the airplane, except his hair is lighter. He apologizes and starts to leave but she tells him to wait. She goes over to him and asks how they made him look just like Martin. He says plastic surgery and she replies that it is amazing. She smiles and says "so you're going to kill David Palmer huh?". He just smiles, although it may be because she has been topless the whole time.

Tony finds Nina and asks her where Jack is. She denies knowing anything and Tony says that she was just on the phone with him. Nina is mad and tells Tony that this is a military organization and she is his boss. He is supposed to take orders and not ask questions. Tony reminds her that when they punch out they are something else and she just agrees.

The Warehouse
Jack and Walsh are going downstairs, Walsh behind Jack. Jack is obviously tired and Walsh is hurting due to his gunshot wound. Jack tells him that they are clear and turns back to Walsh saying that he "wants to fix this." He asks Walsh for his tie and starts to put it around the wound. Walsh takes this time to think about what he has done. He says to Jack that he should have been more careful with his meeting and that they were sitting ducks the way it was done. Jack defends Walsh's decisions and Walsh apologises to Jack for putting him through this. Jack almost looks personally offended and tells Walsh to never say that to him. He tells Walsh that he owes him his life. The 2 of them move on and Jack makes sure Walsh is okay. They head down a hallway to a service exit and Jack, peeking around a corner, sees someone. Walsh gets against the wall and they agree that there is someone there. The other guy sees them as well and the shots ring out. They both hit the deck and start crawling through the broken glass for a better position. Walsh is obviously having trouble moving around with his arm. The two of them are peeking over the desks trying to see the shooter and Jack spots him first. Jack shots him through the glass and they guy falls. Jack looks worried and there is the sound of someone else coming. Walsh sees him and yells at Jack while he shoots and kills him. They agree that they have to find out who sent these guys and Jack says that he will go identify them. Jack moves over to the body of one of the shooters. He gets out his handkerchief that is already covered in blood. He checks for a pulse and finds that there is none. Jack picks up the shooters arm and, using his pocket knife, cuts off his thumb. Upon completion Jack looks down at it and wraps it in the handkerchief.

Gaines' Place
A motorbike shows up and parks next to the Jeep that picked Mandy up. The girl that gets off of it looks at Mandy, who is watching the coverage of the plane wreck on TV. Mandy says it is okay and the girl hands Gaines a picture of Martins ID card. Gaines is mad and wants to know what this is all about. The new girl looks at Mandy and says that she has got it all figured out. Gaines again asks where the ID is and she doesn't give him a straight answer again. He snaps his fingers and there is almost instantly a gun to her head. She keeps her cool and tells him to go ahead, since she is the only one who knows where the ID is.

1:42 - The Store
Teri has found a schedule for the workers at the store. They are trying to get a hold of the owner. Teri says she will call Jack and see what he can do. Alan questions her on Jacks job but she is sketchy. When Teri can't get through on Jacks cell, she calls CTU and talks to Nina. Teri wants the number and Nina says she should talk to Jack about it first. Teri tells Nina everything that has happened.

The Palmers
The Palmer Kids come home from the rally and they are pumped up. Patty is on the phone with Carl and they are needing to take care of this Maureen Kingsly ordeal now.

The Store
Teri and Alan are cleaning up the store. They are talking about their spouses and Teri says that Jack and her had split up but they are back together now. Alan says his wife left and went to Australia. She hasn't talked to him or Janet for almost ten years. The phone rings and it is Nina calling back with the information. Teri calls and leaves a message for the owner of the store.

The Palmers
The secret service show up and wants to talk to the Senator. His wife seems to know that there is a problem but they persist with the requests to speak to him. Finally they go to get him in the room he was supposed to be in to find that he isn't there. Patti was sitting outside the room and says she has no idea where he went, he was supposed to be in the room. The agent tells the others that Palmer is in the open and then informs his wife of the possible attempt on his life. We find the Senator in the parking garage. He is going to his car and trying not to be noticed, although the couple he passes figures it out. The Senator drives away.

1:53 - The Warehouse
Jack and Walsh are leaving the warehouse. As they head up the ramp, Jack jumps up on the ledge and tells Walsh to stay close. He turns around just to see Walsh shot by a sniper. Walsh falls in the driveway and Jack takes cover behind the side of the building. He assures Walsh that he will get out of there. Jack reloads and starts to try and shot the sniper, almost getting taken out himself. Walsh tells Jack to listen to him and starts to explain about the key card. Walsh tells Jack to take the key card and give it to Jamey, she can be trusted. The card can be matched to the computer that created it and if Jack finds the computer, he finds the mole. Walsh gets the key card and Jack tells him not to move, he will draw fire. Choosing not to listen, Walsh throws the card up to Jack and at the same time is shot dead by the sniper. Jack unloads a few rounds in anger at the sniper, gets in the car and leaves. As Jack drives away he is visibly shaken by the death of Walsh. He runs a red light and is trying to hold back tears. He decides to get to work and he calls Jamey. Jack tells her than there are 2 agents and 2 other bodies at the address. He explains to her about the card and he wants to know if it can be read. She says yes it can, not only that, but he can send it to her now. He is confused and he pulls over as she walks him through switching his mobile scanner to magnetic. He scans it and tells her to get it.

The Dan-Mobile
They are in a parking lot, Janet is passed out in the front seat. Kim is ordered out of the van and she doesn't comply. At this, Dan tosses her out and tells her to call her mom. Kim is ordered to tell Teri that she is at a party, she’s fine and shell be home in a few hours. Kim tells him to go to hell and Dan starts to go after her. Rick jumps in and reminds Dan that they were told not to hurt her. Dan says fine, he gets out a crow bar and walks over to Janet. Kim looks resolute in her decision so Dan hits Janet, baseball style, in the arm. This wakes Janet up and Dan yells at Kim to call her Mom. Kim complies this time and Teri answers. Kim sounds upset but pulls herself together enough to convince Teri. Kim says they are fine but Alan wants to talk to Janet but Kim says she is gone for a walk. Teri offers to come and get Kim but Kim says she will be home in a while and that she loves Teri just as the phone is taken away. Teri hangs up and looks even more concerned. Alan inquires about it and Teri says she is worried because Kim told her she loves her and Kim never says that.

Jack is in the car and Jamey has the information he wants. He tells her to send it, his eyes only. The message arrives and the winner is...Nina. He looks stunned and then recovers quickly enough to thank Jamey and hang up.
Lastly we get to watch Martin taking target practice on eggs on a fence, and he's pretty accurate.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-a few lessons: The Mojave Desert is in Southeastern California and takes up parts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah. It is more than 25,000 square miles (learn more)
-a Pontiac Aztec (Janet’s Car) will run you $20,295 US standard, $28,135 fully loaded.
-The tracking devise in the desert that Mandy buries looks so much like a door out of the movie 'Monsters Inc'
-Mandy has to be the best fire builder ever to get that fire roaring so fast.
-Tony looks so sinister in all of this. I am really starting to wonder how many moles CTU could possibly have.
-It was a really nice touch having Jack call Walsh by his first name, Richard, most of the time. It showed a connection between the two of them and that they may have had a history of some sort,
-On that note I would really like to know what kind of history they have had. Richard tells Jack that he is the only person he knows he can trust. Why is he so sure? Most of the agents seem to not trust Jack or think poorly of him because he breaks rules and also he turned his own men in.
-In the stairwell, Jack tells Richard that he owes him his life. He looks almost offended by the notion that Richard may have made a mistake. What is that all about??
-I really enjoyed Sutherlands acting with Walsh. You could really feel what Jack was going through. Especially the scene where Walsh dies and Jack leaves. He does a great job of being a man who has just lost a friend, but has work at hand. He pulls himself together quite nicely, but we still get to see the remorse.
-I think when Jack cut off the shooters thumb at the warehouse - that was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in TV.
-What was the story on his facial expression when he did that anyway. He looked totally insane
-Walsh's gunshot wound was pretty gross too.
-The building where Walsh and Jack had the gunfight reminded me of CTU. Did the producers get a deal on that kind of glass or something? It was very similar.
-Speaking of CTU, I wish I had an office like Jacks. It’s a really neat lay out and he can watch all his workers. It kinda reminds me of what I've heard Michael Jordan’s restaurant is like. He just kind of in a box up there, doing his own thing.
-That must have been serious plastic surgery to make the mystery man look exactly like Martin. How long have they been orchestrating this?
-What is up with Mandy and clothes. She's just hanging out topless in the bathroom while she marvels at the surgery. (No pun intended)
-there is some serious technology in and around CTU. Jack has so much cool stuff in his car. I really like the scanner.
-there is a lot of death in this show, so I am going to start a body count. The first one is kind of hard, though. The number of passengers on the 747, we'll just average to 386. There are quite a few variables in this, but this sounds probably pretty close. 747's can carry anywhere between 149 to 405 passengers, from what I could find. So 386 + 4 (Walsh and the others)
Body count = 390