Written By:
Robert Cochran & Joel Surnow
Directed By:
Stephen Hopkins
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Originally Aired 11.6.01
1.1 - The Pilot

The first shot in the show shows the time as 4 am local time in Kuala Lumpur. On a busy street a man ducks into what looks like a store, unloads a laptop and starts to transmit information. They do a neat satellite shot and we assume we follow the information to the USA and we also assume that this guy is an American since he has no accent, or is really good at covering it up.
We enter Senator Palmers life at some sort of social, probably to round up votes. Walsh makes a call to tell them that there will be an attempt on Palmers life sometime on that day.

12:03 The Bauer Household
Everything is happy at the Bauer household, or at least on the surface. Jack and Kim are playing chess, actually she is beating him. She, ever-so-nicely, tells Jack that he is in trouble. Kim asks Jack if he is still getting the cold shoulder from "her", meaning Terri. Jack tells Kim that she should call Terri by her name, which is Mom. Jack then pulls the giant cop-out on the chess game and says that she has school tomorrow so she'd better head to bed. Jack and Kim share a kiss and he says that he loves her. Kim pauses and tells him that she is glad he moved back in. She then proceeds to her room, walking right past Terri. Terri says goodnight to a reply of "yeah". Terri suggests to Jack that Kim blames Terri for Jack moving out. She also says that Kim manipulates Jack. He, at first disagrees, but then he kind of agrees. They decide that they should go and talk to Kim about the situation. The two of them walk down the hall and playfully banter about appreciating this.

When they get to Kim's door, the two of them find the music on quite loud. They knock and call, but get no answer. They go ahead and go in, only to hear a car driving away outside. Jack goes and yells out the window after her. Terri reacts by saying that Kim will be grounded for 2 months and she will not be getting her drivers license. The phone rings and Terri answers. It is Nina from the office looking for Jack. She says that he needs to come in to work and when Jack hangs up and tells Terri that he needs to go but it is "only a briefing [and he] should be back within the hour." He proceeds to apologize and says that he will call.

As Jack leaves he makes a call to a very tattooed young man who we learn is named Vincent. He is apparently and ex-boyfriend of Kim's and Jack calls to see if she is seeing him tonight. He says no, totally casual on the phone with Jack.

As Jack is trying to track Kim down, she is in the car with Janet on the way to meet the guys. We find out that Rick and Dan are sophomores at San Diego State and that they are "men, not boys".

Jack is in transit to CTU and talks to Nina. As he is talking he pulls up beside a bus with a picture of Senator Palmer on the side. Jack studies the bus for a long time. At CTU Jamie asks Nina how long this is going to take. Nina asks if it is interfering with her social life and Jamie retorts that at least she has a social life. Nina is asked if Jack is coming and she responds that he is coming which is unfortunate since he is in a bad mood.

Jack calls Terri and says that they should be sympathetic to what it was like when they were young. Terri suggests a therapist and says that a friend took their kid to therapy and it helped a lot. Jack enters CTU and says that he thinks this might be something about Senator Palmer. Tony asks why, is it because he's black and Jack retorts that that makes him the most likely target.
The girls arrive at the furniture store to find the Dan-mobile waiting with him and Rick. Janet greets Dan and then goes inside leaving Kim outside with Rick. They start up a lame conversation and then Rick breaks out the beer. They head inside and check the store out, start goofing around and listening to music.

12:12 CTU
Behind Jack, Palmer is on the monitors while Jack is on the phone with a friend. He is sending his friend to look for Kim, but assures his friend by saying that he's "sure she's ok". Walsh shows up at CTU and meets with Jack and the others. He confirms Jack's suspicions that the meeting was about Palmer and asks them to get started on checking the background of everyone that works with Palmer. Walsh lets the others go and holds Jack back. He tells Jack that there may be someone on the inside in on this job. Jack looks exasperated and says that if there was a scheme, he would be the last one to know about it since he turned his own people in for taking bribes. Walsh ways that Jack will have to because he is the only person he trusts. Walsh tells Jack that Mason is coming over, to which Jack replies "do you think I should trust Mason?". Walsh tells Jack not to trust anyone until they get this figured out.

The Plane
We move to an airplane with a younger man who looks rather sinister sitting there. He is on the phone with Patti, one of senator Palmers people. We learn that his name is Martin and he will be landing soon. He wants to know if the breakfast plans are still a go and if the Senator will be there. After he hangs up the phone, the girl in the seat next to him starts to question him on his relationship with senator Palmer. He says that he is going to be taking his picture.

12:25 CTU
Jack and Nina are talking, Jack tells Nina that Mason will be there in a few minutes to brief him. Nina accuses him of trying to shut her out and says that he can't do that at work. He defends himself and says that he doesn't know why Mason is meeting Jack alone. She busts him for lying and he just smiles and says "yes I am" but she will have to trust him on this. Nina retorts that one of these days he is going to ask her for too much. Jack says that he is "terribly afraid that this will be that day". Jack's phone rings and it is Terri with the news that she had found 3 joints in Kim's desk. Terri is quite reasonable and says that she knows it is not the end of the world, but she doesn't like it. Jack again apologizes for not being there and suggests that Terri try and break into Kim's e-mail. When he hangs up the phone, Nina asks if everything is okay and Jack again says yes. She looks at him like she is going to bust him for lying again but thinks better of it and remains silent.

The Store
Kim and Rick are out on the roof of the furniture store. Kim is questioning Rick on life at school. They start talking about surfing and then Kim says that her Dad surfs, or used to. Rick makes a joke about being to old, but she says that he died 6 months ago. She says that he was a really great guy, Rick apologizes for bringing it up.

Jack is in his office at CTU and Mason shows up. He knocks on the glass door and comes in. They seem friendly enough to each other and Mason wants to know how much Jack has been told. Mason fills him in a bit and tells him that he can access all the secure information via a disk that he gives Jack. Jack wants a source on the information and Mason says that he can't give it to him. Mason then asks Jack what he knows about Senator Palmers politics. Jack says nothing and Mason says that if Palmer gets elected, CTU will be gutted. He then tells Jack to keep out of business that doesn't concern him. Jack seems to agree and then decides that is not good enough. He tells Mason to call Chapelle and get Jack clearance on the source of the disk. Jack leaves to go and get some coffee and leaves Mason on the phone. When he goes downstairs, he tells Nina that he needs to hear Masons conversation. She hands him a phone and he listens to the operator giving the time. Jack heads to a storage cabinet and gets a funky gun out. He asks Nina to pass him a binder and he puts the loaded weapon in it. We flash back to Jacks office with Mason giving a thumbs up to Jack and then saying that he is on the phone with Chapelle "you stupid chump". Jack goes back upstairs, pulls the gun on Mason and shoots him in the leg with a dart. Nina was not too far behind Jack and while Jack gets Mason onto the couch, Nina closes the door. Jack says that he needs proof of some money going into Masons account from a bust a few years back. Nina seems unwilling to help and simply asks Jack in disbelief if he is going to blackmail a district director. Jack tells Nina to go and check it out and gives her the secure disk that Mason just gave him. After she leaves, he sits down on the couch and picks Kim's journal up off the floor.

The Bauer House
Terri is making some tea and she drops the cup. Just after it breaks, the phone rings. The other person is Alan York. He says that he has a daughter that is missing and he found Terri's number in her address book. They agree to stay in touch.

Nina reports to Jack that she can not get into the account because it is encrypted. He tells her to get Tony to do it. Nina says that Tony will need a reason. Jack replies that if he is doing it for Nina he won't. They have a rather tight confrontation about the situation where Nina says to Jack "you noticed?" and Jack says he did. She goes to leave and says that he shouldn't have.

Nina goes to Tony and says that she needs him to do something for her. Tony asks if it is for her or for Jack. Nina says they are trying to pick up a thread and Tony retorts that he is trying to pick up a thread of his own. He wants to know if Nina and Jack are still sleeping together. Tony wants to know what Nina sees in Jack since he turned in his own people. She defends him by saying that they were dirty. Tony asks if Jack is Mr. Clean and Nina says he is. Tony decides to lend a hand and says he will see what he can find, although he doesn't move a muscle. He repeats himself again and Nina leaves.

Jack goes to Jamey and asks her if she can pull passwords off of a phone line if he gives her the number. She says yes if he has a warrant. Jack says "what if I don't?" and she does it for him anyway. He types in his phone number and the password that comes up is "lifesucks". Jack calls Terri and tells her the information.

The Plane
Martin and the young lady beside him are having a conversation about his work. She wants to see some of his work and he casually flips to a page in a magazine and shows her.

Palmer comes in off of the deck and starts talking with his wife. She asks if they are finished and Palmer says no, but they got tired of him yelling at them. She calls him a "big old grumpy bear" and he does a bear impression and heads across the room to her. Patti comes in off of the deck with her phone and says that it is Maureen Kingsly. Palmer is friendly at first and then once the bad news come across, he starts to threaten her if she airs an allegation. He then stops himself and hangs up. His wife asks what that was all about. He says nothing and she persists. He just steps out onto the deck and shuts the door, to his wife's dismay.

12:48 CTU
Jack is on the phone with Richard Walsh's answering machine and tells him to call as soon as possible. Nina enters the office and starts questioning Jack. She wants to know what he is doing and what he is going to do if Tony doesn't find anything. Jack keeps his back to her and just listens as she says she thought he wanted to get his life back together. She tells him he could go to jail if Tony doesn't find anything and Jack just agrees with her. She practically begs him for a response and Jack looks totally stressed already. Jack then launches into a speech about the guys that he busted. He says that they weren't bad guys, they just compromised once. But if you compromise once then you keep doing it and soon you can't not compromise. He says that the guys be put away were good people, "just like you and me".

Teri is calling Alan York and she says that she found some information in Kim's e-mail about a meeting with some guys in the valley. She says she is going to go and Alan says he wants to come too. At the store, they are ready to leave and go to a party. They look for a phone and Kim pulls hers out. She promptly says that she needs to go home because her mother left 5 messages. Dan gives a nasty comment about running home to mommy and Rick sticks up for her saying that her mother might need her because her Dad just died. Janet is confused, and Kim tells her to shut up. Janet is too drunk or high to really care and just says that she doesn't want to go home. She gets in the Dan-mobile and Rick says that they will give her a ride.

12:52 The Plane
Martin and the girl from the next seat are getting it on in the airplane bathroom. They do the introductions afterwards and Mandy says that they should get together in LA but he says he will be busy.

Tony found the information that Jack wanted and he sends it to Jacks screen. Jack has a look and then slaps Mason awake. Upon realizing what happened, Mason tries to get to Jack, but he is still a little woozy and Jack easily pushes him back down on the couch. Jack tells Mason what he has been doing and Mason denies everything. Jack says then Mason won't mind if he sends the info to Chapelle and gives Mason 5 seconds to start talking about the source. Mason tells Jack that he has no idea what he is getting into and ends up pulling up the source for Jack. He thanks Mason like he just passed him the sugar and sends him on his way. Mason tells Jack he will live to regret this.

The Plane
Martin is asleep and Mandy slips out past him. She heads behind a curtain to a stewardess and she tells Mandy that she needs to take her seat. Mandy pulls out a needle and either kills or knocks her out. Mandy then proceeds to pull out Martins wallet and have a look at his ID card. He wakes up and realizes that his wallet is missing. He tries to look for it but the stewardess tells him to sit down, they are going to land soon. Mandy is rigging up her concoction to blow the plane up. She plays drunk and gets her suitcase and pulls out some warmer clothes and a parachute. She puts explosives around the door and pulls a small bomb out of the fire extinguisher. Next she sits down in the middle of the floor, blows the door and she is sucked out. She is pulling some aerobatics while the rest of the plane explodes.

Jack is on the phone with Teri who tells him she is with Alan and they are heading to the valley. Jack questions this decision but eventually is cut off. Nina is behind him and he rolls back in his chair and asks her to cover for him since he is going to help. He says to forward all of his calls to his cell. As he is just about to leave, Tony comes to him with the news that a 747 just blew up and it may have been a bomb. Jack tells Tony to get the passenger list and Nina to get Walsh on the phone.

The Dan-Mobile
They are driving and Kim tells Dan to turn because she lives on 10th. Dan just keeps driving and Kim is mad. Dan tells her to relax, but she tells Rick to tell Dan to turn. Rick just tells her to relax to and that the night is just starting. Dan runs a light and nearly gets T-Boned by Alan York's car with him and Teri in it. Kim is starting to realize that these guys may not be as nice as originally thought.
The last shot is Mandy doing some more aerobatics and then the time as 1:00

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

- I thought it was kind of strange that the series didn't start in the USA. Off of the top of my head, I can't think of anything else of consequence that didn't happen in the USA.
-Using the local time in Kuala Lumpur is a good way to buy time. If you have 2 time zones happening you can have more stuff happening.
-Geography lesson: Kuala Lumpur is actually in Malaysia
-At the very first meeting of Palmer, his wife says she will stay up with him. Bet at the end of they day she really would have wished she'd gone to bed!
-same with Kim. If she hadn't snuck out and she had actually gone to bed, Jacks life would have been much easier.
-It was fun to watch Teri and Jack and Kim all together in this episode. This is the only semi-normal entry we get into the Bauer house.
-What was the deal with the conversation between Jack and Teri about appreciating going and talking to Kim. I thought it was pretty pointless and a better effect would have been them walking down the hall doing anything but having a senseless conversation.
-What does Jack really expect to prove yelling out the window after Kim except waking up the neighbors?
-Teri, you go ahead and ground Kim for 2 months and not let her get her drivers license. That is small potatoes to being held captive and nearly killed all day. She probably won't want to leave the house for 2 months anyway.
-There is a lot of almost creepy foreshadowing in this episode. Jack says that he only has to go in for a briefing and he will be back in an hour. It is just weird to think that it was going to be like that if all the other stuff hadn't happened. I wonder if it would be a normal occurrence to have to go in at night like that.
-I also think Kim is going to need serious therapy after this ordeal, hell, take Jack with you because he must have some trust issues after this. Her problems now are tiny compared to what's to come.
-Jack tells his friend on the phone that he is sure Kim is okay. Don't be that sure Jack.
-When Jack and Nina are talking and he says that he is afraid today might be the day that he asks her for too much. Mmmm, I think it may have been a while ago, judging by the end. But this is creepy. The banter among these 2 is laden with hidden clues.
-The creepiest piece of foreshadowing in this episode was the lines Jack had about the guys that he busted for taking bribes. When he says to Nina the they were just like you and me, I actually got a shiver. Wow, that was so well written to kind of nudge those of us that know what happens to think about it.
-Mason tells Jack he has no idea what he has gotten into and that he will live to regret this. I'm sure he would regret every part of this day by the end of it.
-When Jack gets cut off in his phone call with Teri, it is obviously Nina sitting behind him that cut it off. I didn't notice it before, but she is totally conspicuous. I almost leapt up and starting yelling.
-if I were Vincent, I wouldn't want to date Kim either. If he is that casual on the phone with Jack, he must call often wondering where his daughter is.
-Vincent doesn't look that much younger than Rick. What is all this crap about being a "man"
-I thought that was rather egotistical of Kim to call herself hot in the car with Janet.
-Kim's conversation with Rick was awful until he breaks out the beer.
-I'm definitely seeing a Canadian connection here...beer gets the party going, Bauer (the biggest skate company out there) and oh yeah, Kiefer Sutherland - yeah, he's Canadian!
-that was a nice stab at Nina by Jamey about the social life - you go girl!
-Jack gets snotty with Tony as well. With the favors he will be doing you in the next little while, Jack, you can't do that.
-The camera angle on the table where you see Walsh upside down in the reflection - that is the coolest thing ever, what did they use to clean that table 'cause damn that's shiny!
-I thought it was kind of a weird thing for Mason to bring up that CTU will be gutted if Palmer is elected. I wonder if he is working for the bad guys too because that just didn't feel right.
-Wouldn't it have been great if Jack was listening when Mason called him a stupid chump?
-When Jack asks Nina for a binder to put the gun in, there is one right above his head. Don't snap at her, get it yourself.
-I love how Jack just hands Nina the secure disk, even after he was told not to trust anyone. HELLO!?! Maybe you are a stupid chump, Jack.
-The way Sutherland says Chapelle in this episode makes me crazy. He fixes it later, but here it is weird.
-Why is Teri wearing sandals in the middle of the night?
-Palmer does pretty much the best bear impression I've ever seen.
-When Palmer goes out on the deck alone, I seriously thought he was going to jump. That sure would have saved Jack a lot of trouble.
-The confrontation about Tony in Jack's office was perfectly acted and the tension was great. The only thing that ruined the whole thing for me was Nina's last line "you shouldn't have [noticed]" WHAT? Holy, way to ruin a scene guys.
-I just love how Martin and Mandy do the introductions AFTER they do the deed. How charming.
-Last time I was on an airplane it was freezing. How can Mandy possibly be wearing those little tiny shorts. At least she gets dressed before she jumps out.
-Martin looks way more sinister than Mandy. They had me fooled.
-Rick is WAY to white to say "my bad"
-The best visual images I got from this episode were both to do with Sutherland.
-First, Kim says that her Dad used to surf. Sutherland on a surfboard? I can just see him in a wet suit, driving a Jeep or something. I don't think Jack would part with his electronics that long
-When Tony says to Nina "And he's [Jack] Mr. Clean?" and Nina replies "yes", I can just see Sutherland, bald, in a tight shirt, on my cleaner bottle .


Jack and Teri, just another night at home.